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Omnichannel warehouses for a German DIY Retailer

Facilitating seamless customer experiences


Operating as an omni-channel retail business entails being in all places, at all possible times to meet the end customer's demands.

From a click to a warehouse order in a second

Our customer which started out as a small DIY retailer in Germany, managing a few customer deliveries was growing quickly to become a major DIY retail company. As demands began to increase, they needed a more flexible solution to serve their rapidly growing business and meet their end customer's expectations in all places and at all times. The journey which started with just a few clicks now helps the retailer manage its huge customer orders thanks to our omni-channel warehouses.



Our customer’s business challenges

When online sales increased and customers started to expect faster delivery, the DIY retail business realised that their fixed warehouse model was inefficient, thereby slowing down its delivery to customers. The business was operating a warehouse model with fixed departures from its distribution center while operating only fixed delivery days. To respond to changing customer demands and orders, they required:

  • A flexible fulfillment solution for rapid delivery of parcel services, ground transportation services and emergency shipments
  • An efficient alternative to manage returns
  • 24h lead time for all delivery services


Our key actions to fulfill our customer’s ambitions

Expanded Warehouse Storage 

Leveraging on our capabilities to provide flexible solutions for many eCommerce businesses and taking into account our client's specifications, we implemented an omni-channel warehouse solution with a central distribution center with 45, 000 sqm warehouse in Hamm and an additional 2, 000 sqm in Berlin directly linked to a DIY-store for shipments of special products that are not stored in the central distribution center. The customer now has 6, 000 SKUs.

Supply chain efficiency

Our mission also included optimising the smooth running of the client's supply chain. We achieved an Off-peak of 50 FTE and Peak: >100 FTE.
Analyzing data



annual shipments


On time delivery

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