CEVA Case Studies
CEVA Case Studies
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Improving the customer experience



Our customer is a leading multinational telecommunications company, connecting hundreds of millions of mobile users across dozens of markets.

With mobile device repair and return being one of the customer’s integral service offerings, providing its end customers with a seamless experience throughout the device lifecycle is crucial. 

Our customer's business challenges

Our customer set out to improve its Net Promoter Score (NPS), a measure of customer satisfaction. It was determined that an improved customer return and repair process would result in a better customer experience, so the mission began to find a partner who could influence change.


Our key actions to meet our customers' expectations

We began supporting the company’s returns and repairs for their retail stores and eCommerce channels. This included bringing devices into our facility in Norwich, UK, triaging and grading devices, performing accredited repairs and refurbishments, exchanging devices, or allocating refunds to customers.

Since device fixes can be executed remotely or through a collection of the device (for physical repair), it was natural to add contact centre services to the partnership. If a device issue can be resolved remotely, our technicians perform virtual diagnostics and, in doing so, dramatically reduce the need for their Enterprise Customers to send the device in and be without their devices. More than half of the physical repairs previously needed were avoided and resolved through technical support over the phone, enabling users to enjoy uninterrupted connectivity.

“Partnering is one of the best decisions we have ever made. They have shaped our roadmap and are helping us deliver a much-improved customer experience. In fact, the Technical Call Centre is producing some of the best NPS results to date.” – Head of Logistics.

CEVA Case Studies



of customer repairs completed within 48 hours


customer queries each year

In addition to improving the accessibility of remote repairs, developing a positive and supportive work environment for contact centre agents is prioritized, training them to be representatives of the brand and deliver a consistent customer experience. The company’s Net Promoter Score increased alongside overall customer satisfaction with our support. 

  • 100% of customer repairs completed within 48 hours
  • 265K customer interactions each year
  • 50% of all Enterprise return requests are saved

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