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Farnborough International Airshow

Our 26th year of organising the exhibition area and supervising the event as a whole


The Showfreight team have been entrusted to manage the logistics for this prestigious event for the last 25+ years. Held every two years, the world’s largest international airshow is held at Farnborough, UK.

Showcasing the newest and most exceptional technological developments of the moment, we’ve built a solid relationship with the organizers based on years of hard work, dedication, trust and product knowledge.

Organising this type of event means overcoming complex technical challenges. In addition to building and arranging the layout of the stands, it is often necessary to lift and move huge loads. Key facts concerning the Farnborough site include: 

  • the exhibition site covers more than 100,000 m², hosting 1,500 exhibitors
  • we have to cater to more than 5,000 m² of storage space for empty creates
  • 10,000 tonnes of freight and more than 40,000 vehicles are moved into and out of the site for the show

"You demonstrated that above all, you will do whatever is necessary to ensure our visitor's safety comes before everything. I know I say it a lot but I am glad to have you all in our 'trench‘.”

Head of Operations, Farnborough International


Our key actions to fulfil our customer's ambitions

A highly trained, fully briefed team of 126 people work on site tirelessly for 12 weeks to get the show ready.

Assisted by 61 forklifts our team carefully move Aircraft, engines, civilian and military products that fall within our remit.

Much of the equipment shipped to and exhibited at Farnborough is under export license from the country of origin.

Our Showfreight team analyze what is being cleared into the country and working with the exhibitors, we have the UK Export Licenses in place to handle the return shipping to meet UK Export Controls on military and dual use items.




10,000 Tons of show products delivered and moved on time by Showfreight team


Showfreight have been the official Farnborough Air Show Logistics Event Partner for 25 years

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