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Case studies

Design a dedicated network to handle various electric motorcycle products, optimize distribution and lead times

CEVA partnered with a leading 2-wheeler and ATV manufacturer.


The customer manufactures motorcycles and ATVs. It has developed an extensive network of dealers in Europe and wanted a supply-chain partner who can handle large quantities and various models. For these reasons, the company selected CEVA Logistics as an expert in two-wheeler distribution for 20 years.

Our customer's business challenges 

  • To handle with products diversity with different volumes & dimensions  
  • To deal with seasonality 
  • To ensure and optimize distribution in 9 countries in Europe.  
  • Unloading of the products into the dealer sites 
  • Load and ensure the cradles return.  
  • Track & Trace the cradles  


Our key actions to meet our customers' expectations:

  • Design a dedicated network with cross-dock, LTL, FTL and return solutions, to handle various products and serve the selected countries of the customer in Europe.
  • Organize appointment planning with dealers, interdealer movements and cradle returns. 
  • Offer dedicated customer service. 
  • Provide monthly KPI reporting to the customer. 
  • Track and trace shipments and send information via EDI, to offer full visibility. 
  • Manage various packaging: cradle, pallets & wooden crates. 
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delivery validate

shipments / year


End-to-end visibility


  • Priority shipping to ensure on-time delivery. 
  • In-depth expertise in two-wheeler transportation, with 20 years of experience 

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