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Delivering spare parts from China to Argentina to avoid a production line shutdown

Time Critical Service (TCS) team ensured 100% on-time delivery during lockdown


One of CEVA's customers, a global leading automobile manufacturer, required the delivery of a shipment of spare parts to Argentina to their end customer to avoid a production line shutdown. 

The request for shipment was received on April 5 for a shipment in size: 11 Skid /13.52 CBM / G.W.2255 KG, with the delivery required by April 11.

The Time Critical Service (TCS) team received the shipment request from the customer whose supplier is located in Suzhou. The supplier would normally dispatch shipments from Shanghai. However, Shanghai was in lockdown, where trucks and flights were limited, and the customer needed urgent delivery by April 11th.

Our customer's business challenges

Only a few Freight Forwarders could guarantee the delivery time during the lockdown; CEVA’s Time Critical solution, network and experts were able to manage the customer shipment and timeline and ensure 100% on-time delivery or a full money-back guarantee.




Our key actions to meet our customers' expectations:

  • Within 24 hours, confirmed the backup airport/flight schedule upon receiving the customer request.
  • Within 1 hour, CEVA located the limited pick-up trucks that meet the multiple requirements, including "green" on travel card & Suzhou health code, 48 hours PCR test for the driver.
  • Proactively contact with local customs house to apply for inspection during the weekend.
  • Real-time active flight monitoring to ensure the complete visibility of the shipment and keep the customer updated in real time.
  • Consistent communication between the Time Critical team and the customer during the project.
Air Cargo



on-time delivery


network support, even during lockdown

  • The shipment finally departed from the backup airport and arrived on April 11 upon the customer’s request, so the customer continued manufacturing their products and avoided a plant shutdown.
  • 100% delivery time succeeded.
  • CEVA Time Critical Team is one of the few Freight Forwarders who were able to operate shipments during the lockdown period.


CEVA Advantages

  • 365/24/7 network support - Secure and Reliable service
  • Dedicated global team - Experience in quickly identifying the best result-driven solution
  • Priority shipping to ensure 100% on-time delivery or your full money-back guarantee

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