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A COVID-19 Crisis Response Control Tower

CEVA's best practice responding to COVID-19


A COVID-19 Crisis Response Control Tower

During the 2020 global pandemic an existing automotive customer requested support in managing an all- new global supply chain during COVID-19 pandemic.

The challenge was to convert an automotive supply chain to a healthcare one in record time – no more than two weeks. Planning, coordination, and execution skills would be key for the launch of mass production of critical care ventilators under contract to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; including outbound distribution to FEMA (Federal Emergency Management) locations.


First up was to establish a Control Tower to centralize communication, track & trace shipments & provide exception management

Key to ensuring a fully functioning production line was transportation management. Our expert teams were able to introduce dynamic air connections for suppliers around the world alongside expedited ground routings within the US, Mexico and Canada to keep the line moving.

Complete system integration by using our Matrix SCM to ensure proper internal & external visibility at both shipment and part level completed the picture..

Supplier Management was also to the fore as CEVA was charged with onboarding 150+ suppliers and complex material follow-up from suppliers around the world.


Record time

to convert an automotive supply chain to a healthcare one


Suppliers around the world


We established 24/7 global operational team within days of project kick-off across global locations - Singapore, Detroit & Houston.
We delivered all materials for the ventilator project against a background of the COVID-19 crisis and its restrictions. Every shipment made it through on time. 

By creating tableau dashboards, presented hourly in-transit we met the customer’s dynamic reporting requests leveraging Matrix SCM.
We additionally performed critical crisis management for uncontrollable COVID delays (airport congestion, country closures & customs issues).

Our system integrations yielded high customer service expectations based on cut and paste of automotive interfaces between CEVA and customer’s systems and CEVA delivered all the parts in order that the ventilators could be made to cater to the US Government’s requirements.

Protect covid-19 virus spread to worker and engineer in dock container

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