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All eyes on the global reverse logistics market



The global reverse logistics market is predicted to reach $603.9 billion by 2025, according to leading market researcher, Statista (values in USD).

Ecommerce purchases are 3-4 times more likely to require a return compared to brick-and-mortar sales, so as eCommerce continues to grow, so does the frequency of returns. Shoppers’ expectations of their eCommerce shopping experiences also continue to mature, and brands that offer user-friendly returns management policies are rewarded with sales and repeat purchases.

Business challenges

Unsurprisingly, apparel brands see higher return rates than companies operating in other industries. Where do returned products go, and how do companies recover value from them?


Our key actions to fulfill our customer’s ambitions

We operate a reverse logistics hub in Europe for this exact purpose. Located in Świebodzin, Poland, our returns management centre processes 150K units per day and 5.8M units per year.

A profitable reverse logistics solution relies on recovering value from returned products. We offer value-added and specialized salvage services that enable our customers to refurbish, repair and prepare products for resale (including high-value and delicate items). In addition to the breadth of services offered, we recognize the need for efficiency and accuracy in the supply chain. Since many of our specialized services require detailed manual skills and exceed the capabilities of automation, we have invested in technology to train our new employees in their respective languages, ensuring fast learning, high-quality work and processes that produce consistent results for our customers.

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returns processed during peak


average salvage rate

Today, the 19,000 sq meter facility employs more than 1,500 experienced staff, processes seven million returns during peak and maintains an overall salvage rate of 90%.

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