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A major player in the tyre industry

Providing a single solution with multiple benefits

Project overview

A global automotive manufacturer, with a complex inbound supply chain across multiple countries, needed to ensure reliable supplies to all his production and assembly sites. In particular our customer suffered from a storage density problems for his aviation tyres in Hong Kong.

Our customer's business challenges

The cost of real estate is very high in Hong Kong and investing additional space was not a cost-effective option.
The customer had an existing customer 3PL managing his tyres but this company was storing aviation tyres on the ground on their side walls – something which is against the norm and is not best practice.
The other problem this presented was the amount of manual handling required and the level product damage incurred when moving tyres manually: this required considerable extra man hours.
A bi-product of these challenges was it created end customer satisfaction issues.


Using TYRECUBE as the storage module, CEVA was able to create a practical, working solution for the customer in Hong Kong.

All aviation tyres are now stored on tread thereby eliminating side wall storage and damage.

CEVA designed connectors for large outer diameter Tyres, such as the A380 size of tyre.

We implemented and automated picking and put away process using equipment (No more manual rolling)

CEVA has put in place tyre inspection support before dispatch to end customer so ensure all tyres leave the facility in tip top condition.


Tangible results

X 2.5

Storage density

30 to 40%

Reduction in man-hours


The customer has seen increased storage density by 50% against traditional solutions. There has been a reduction in end customer complaints.  There’s been a PPM reduction by 50% .Tyres are stored on tread as per industry norm. The end customer has given positive feedback on storage quality mean the solution will work well into the future.

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