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A major player in the semi-conductor industry

Customized solutions to cater to surges in volumes

Project overview

As a major player in the semi-conductor industry, our partner is subject to unavoidable constraints. This particularity requires flexibility and perpetual readjustments.

Our customer's business chalenges

Among the challenges faced were low volumes in the first two months of each quarter followed by a surge in volumes to Japan - up to 200 tonnes in the last month of the quarter. OOG (Out of Gauge) shipments had to meet deadlines ex-SIN.  At the same time some shipments had to be moved on freighter aircraft and could not be split to move some on passenger flights because of Customs and invoicing requirements.

This meant there were limited numbers of providers who could provide the required capacity because of a combination of over-height crates, short lead times and notice of cancellation because of the customer’s production schedule.





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ODD projects

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We are now successfully able to move up to 250 tonnes during the final month surge each quarter to both KIX and NRT airports in Japan.  We can complete between 20 and 25 projects every month to meet the customer’s ODD requirements.

We have delivered cost savings to the customer by avoiding the need to introduce charters to meet his surges and he is able to complete his fulfilment requirements as well as meeting quarter end budgets.

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