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CEVA RED (Rapid eCommerce Deployment) helps a sunglasses brand

Scalable solutions for the fast-paced eCommerce world


With the increasing number of global online shoppers and more eCommerce businesses calling for an omni-channel partner, CEVA Logistics continues to offer comprehensive solutions to facilitate the expansion of many eCommerce businesses.

Fast Implementation. Scalable Solution

These were the requirements when the high profile sunglasses brand approached CEVA for an eCommerce solution to meet its huge product orders.

Our customer's business challenges

Our customer was on its way to expansion and had difficulties with scaling up its operations to match its rapid product demands. In order to meet its increasing online product orders, our customer required:

  • Innovative solutions that enabled the rapid and seamless change of logistics providers without affecting customers' deliveries. 
  • Flexible transport options to facilitate rapid order dispatch
  • Ability to scale up its operations with increased warehouse storage capacity

Our experienced eCommerce team clearly understood the customer's challenges and offered the CEVA RED solution to support the business by rapidly turning around its operations in just a few weeks.


Our key actions to meet our customers' expectations

seamless transition where the end customer never even knew the client had changed their own DC to CEVA's. As an innovative solution, we implemented the use of Robotics, a migration to AMR (CEVA's fleet of Autonomous Mobile Robots) to allow the client quickly scale-up their operations. Standard Operating Procedures, which involved a complex 15-step procedure to ensure that the end customer receives the best user experience possible as well as Value Added Services, packaging, limited edition and promotional inclusions.

Together, we put a stand-alone solution in place, perfect for all storage needs. The first warehouse had an area of 15,000 m², with the possibility of extension to 45,000 m² in a multi-user space. We then encouraged our customer to invest in the best IT equipment, handling equipment, security and storage. The staff was trained conscientiously. In the first year, 300,000 references were stored, corresponding to 1 million units. In the second year, there were already 1.5 million references for 3.6 million units.



The 1st year

1.5 million

The 2nd year

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