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Organising complex road transport movement over a long distance


Our customer previously used air freight, as this appeared to be the only possible solution. In order to reduce costs, we devised a different proposal.

The task involved ensuring the safety of the goods by using all available means, and then some. By making this bold choice, we created a suitable solution. Cross-border haulage proved to be an excellent option.

Our customer's business challenges

We had seven days to make the journey – seven days to move tonnes of fragile and very valuable equipment over a long distance. This meant taking as few risks as possible while also:

  • Minimising costs.

  • Ensuring total safety of the goods by using the appropriate equipment.

  • Providing the customer with total visibility.


Our key actions to meet our customers' expectations

We opted for a merge-in-transit solution in order to minimise costs and optimise space. We used equipment specially designed to transport fragile products with an anchoring process for greater safety.

Our real-time tracking enabled us to monitor each parameter: including speed, temperature and acceleration By adopting this approach, we completed five projects per month, transporting 30 tonnes of goods. By working in tandem with our teams and placing their trust in us, our customer saved 25% on his overall costs.
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30 T

transported per month


for the customer

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