pharmaceutical liquid
pharmaceutical liquid
Case studies

A global manufacturer of pharmaceutical products


Project overview

Our customer is a world-leading, top five manufacturer and a global distributor of biopharmaceutical products. They have four multimarket warehouses in Europe.

Shared values with CEVA led to them choosing us to run their entire European supply chain.  They had limited control over their operation because of a decentralised operation, lack of inventory accuracy and suffered from his costs for both packaging and transportation.

Our customer's business challenges

We were able to establish a single, multi-user site to cover their EU and other export markets, including North Africa

By using CEVA’s single warehouse management system we were able to leverage standardized SOPs and quality assurance across the site. We introduced standard processes,  fully compliant with Good Distribution Practice and Good Manufacturing Practice.


Our key actions to meet our customers' expectations :

The result was a 70% increase in volume with the overall number of warehouses being reduced from 25 to 9.
A single distribution model is now implemented across Europe and all inventory is 100% visible across the EU.

The customer has been able to reduce his overall inventory 25% and there have been dramatic improvements in  the accuracy of that inventory with a reduction in the number of CAPAs (Corrective and Preventive Action) required.




increase in the flow


reduction in stocks

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