transportation of the logistics services on the heavy lift cargo transfer loading from the ship carry onto the lowbase trailer by professional working teams in port terminal
Case studies

A global manufacturer of military aircraft engines

Transporting out-of-gauge products.


Some transport operations are more complex than others. This is the case when it comes to transporting high-tech equipment that is both bulky and fragile.

Our customer is a specialist in distinct: : civil aerospace, defence aerospace and electrical power supply systems. A leader in its sector, it conducts business in more than 120 countries. In search of a logistics partner who could provide exceptional support in performing the delicate tasks involved, we had all the experience and credentials our partner was looking for.

Our customer's business challenges

The aircraft engines had to be transported more than 1,900 km in 4 days, from Singapore to Thailand. The manufacturer wanted to retain total visibility throughout the entire journey. The task was highly complex because of:

  • The size and sensitive nature of the products,
  • The potentially high freight costs and limited transport options, 
  • Numerous transfers between suppliers with the accompanying risk of losing visibility


Our key actions to meet our customers' expectations

We mobilised all the resources at our disposal. Our prime asset was intelligence. Our teams were able to design an innovative anchoring method to secure the goods.

With our multimodal capabilities we were able to design a more flexible schedule using our road network which was able fully meet the customers requirements.
Heavy Duty Lift Operator

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