Case studies

A global fashion retailer

Optimising a supply chain to maintain competitiveness

Project overview

The fast-fashion business is in perpetual motion and requires immediate responsiveness. Speed is at the very heart of customer expectations in order to meet consumer demands.

The supply chain must be efficient and optimal work at maximum efficiency. CEVA Logistics provides its customers with the skills required to inject all the energy they need into an ever-growing industry.

Our customer's business challenges

Our customer benefits fromhas a complex supply chain with combined global production and assembly sites. It has a network of suppliers that covers covering a number of cities in China.

Our collaboration had to take certain imperatives into account:needed to work across

  • the ability to offer a customised solution with a specific schedule with pick-up and delivery at the same time
  • provide an alternative solution for urgent,  high-volume seasonal shipments
  • find the mode of transport most conducive to a profitable, regular and adjustable flow of shipments that meets the customer’s customer's requirements.


Our key actions to meet our customers' expectations :

Through detailed an intelligent and pragmatic analysis, we guided our collaborator customer towards new smarter choices. Trains from any major Chinese city are now organised to arrive in any major European city, and vice versa.

We provide personalised support at every stage of the journey

Departure times are scheduled and transit time is predictable while meeting the supplier's production schedule. These schedules are flexible in order to reduce costs. Rates are aligned with local pickup and delivery. Dedicated customer service teams are trained on-site to ensure programme implementation.



DIFOT shipments


reduction in transit time

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