car production line
car production line
Case studies

A global automobile brand

Reorganising a complex supply chain


We found the most efficient transport methods so that this customer’s supply chain could operate to highest level.

That chain comprises numerous production and assembly sites and its network of suppliers stretches across more than 20 countries. The programme we defined guaranteed transit times for door-to-door shipments covering more than one thousand supply routes.

Our customer's business challenges

Our partner needed to harmonise his supply chain while ensuring cohesion between the different operators within the chain. But this would only be possible by meeting specific requirements.

  • Finding transport solutions would would facilitate reliable flows from the suppliers to production and assembly sites.
  • Simplifying tariffs.
  • Guaranteeing deadline adherence  despite the complex nature of the supply network.

Transformation story

A solution tailored to our customer’s requirements

Waiting times are now reduced as shipments are dispatched immediately without having to wait for a container to be filled. Customer service teams have been trained at key locations to ensure that the programme runs smoothly, thereby reducing administration costs. The customer benefits from greater flexibility and the choice of suppliers reduces supply chain costs.

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DIFOT shipments

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50,000 m3

LCL per year