Electronic circuits
Electronic circuits
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Bringing more cohesion to the supply chain

A global airfreight solution delivers new business growth to a designer and manufacturer of electronic circuits for the main OEMs

Project overview

Our customer is a successful Electronics Manufacturing Services provider, which designs and manufactures electronic circuits for the main OEMs.

Its business had expanded to include activities and presence in 29 countries, and was growing to the point where it ran the risk of additional cost and disorganisation if it could not control its fragmented inbound supply chain and was unable to improve shipment visibility.

Our customer's business challenges

Involved in several vertical fields including consumer goods, enterprise and the healthcare industry, this customer is present in a total of 100 companies scattered geographically. The challenge was trying to create cohesion across all their locations while also maintaining a focus on the individual activities of the customer.   In addition, they had a focus on driving down costs across all modes while improving service when previously the providers had been awarded contracts purely on price.


Our key actions to meet our customers' expectations :


CEVA was able to create a hybrid solution to cover all the customer’s sectors using the full scope of CEVA’s airfreight product range: Now, Premium and Value.

We devised and then delivered a consistent strategy plan for 2019-2020 to cover Air, Ocean FCL and Ocean LCL - with systemwide visibility communicating the same message locally and regionally.

We were able to use our price competitiveness to dislodge commodity plays, reduce the supplier base, and simplify their supply chain.  We also suggested utilizing additional transportation modes for a more synergized origin/destination solution.


Electronic circuits



million from $11.7 million in prior year


growth year-on-year for our customer


Through our competitive pricing on all modes of transport, but notably air freight, we were able to elevate our status with the customer to one of Preferred Provider.

We implemented a robust Quarterly Business Review process with regional information being shared amongst the entire team thereby delivering consistency.

With confidence in their logistics provider, our customer was able to undertake more new business growth from $11.7m in 2018 to $19.82m annualized for 2019 or 69% growth.

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