Project logistics


Four core values shared by our associates

Passion and commitment founded on strong human values

Like its parent company, the CMA CGM Group, CEVA Logistics relies on strong and broad human values that fuel the dedication and the passion of each staff member.


Go beyond the limits
We are confident, courageous and committed to exceeding all expectations. We embrace new adventures and go beyond their limits. Our boldness is always pushing us to greater heights.


Dare in order to progress
We dare to take initiatives. We actively encourage our teams to look for solutions outside their field of activity because it's the key to innovation.


Constantly adapt to be the best in our field
We are agile and creative and always adapting ourselves to meet the demands of our customers. We listen closely and anticipate their needs by implementing pioneering partnerships, tailor-made solutions and value-added services.


Continually strive for sustainable prosperity
Everything we do is informed by an innate sense of responsibility and duty to others. All our relationships are characterized by respect - for our teams, our suppliers, our customers, the environment, and society as a whole.