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At CEVA Logistics, innovation is at the core of what we do.

At CEVA Logistics, innovation is at the heart of what we do. We believe in driving results for our customers through creative solutions, forward-thinking, and imagination derived from our diverse teams. We are at the forefront of developing new data-driven solutions for our customers. We focus on integrating the latest developments in AI and machine learning into our solutions to optimize processes, provide insight and support decision-making. 

We believe innovation is a collaborative and fluid process. We’re constantly looking to improve, hosting ideathons and developing the best ideas from all parts of the organization. Our innovation teams work alongside our experts in contract, automotive, ocean, air, ground and rail logistics to pioneer new solutions. We listen to our customers, adapting our insight to their specific requirements, meaning we’re constantly creating new and different products in response to their needs. 

To us, innovation is not limited to technology, it’s also about new ways of working, integrating cyber-physical systems with our existing employees, to empower them to provide greater value to our customers. We lead research and development teams, keep a close pulse on trends and innovative technologies, and thrive in the world of automation and digitization. We are passionate about continuously reinventing the fast-moving world of logistics and supply chain.

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4 main areas of work

Innovation is all about improvement—creating more value than before. At CEVA, we define innovation as the implementation of new ideas with business impact. Making the right changes to optimize our performance and upgrade our service to our customers, whether that be in our systems, our processes or our people. It’s about empowering our CEVA colleagues around the world to embrace the latest that technology has to offer and refine our ways of working.  

When we think about innovation, some of our recent achievements with digital processes, generative AI and robotics spring to mind. But there’s more happening in the way of innovation at CEVA than simply technology. Innovation can mean new transport routes, new fuels or approaches to sustainability. It can come from any part of the business; client-facing or back office. It can affect a single site or our entire organization.  

Whatever shape it takes, we are open to innovation at CEVA. We know that it’s with continuous improvement that we can continue to deliver for our customers, connecting people, products and providers all around the world. 

We asked our innovation experts at CEVA for their thoughts. 


An interview with Michael Rabaud, Head of Digital, Data and Innovation, CEVA Logistics 

Data is central to much of the technological innovation of recent years. And there’s plenty of it available from CEVA’s warehouses, control towers and transport providers, as well as from employees, customers and the market itself. Now with the growth of AI, we have the capacity to analyze great quantities of data and turn it into actionable insights.  

Optimizing that data and making it work for us, is how we will continue to innovate at CEVA. With initiatives such as the contract logistics data lake and increased investment into AI and machine-learning, we have the capacity to improve our performance even further. 


An interview with Leanne Ulibarri, Solution Design Expert and Samuel Maggs, Solution Design Head, CEVA Logistics 

Predictive logistics is built on analysing data and anticipating issues, even before they arise. As such it’s grown in significance as the computing power available to us has increased. This machine-enabled means of smart transportation has multiple-systems talking to each other to provide early alerts of any problems.  

Now, equipped with the latest modelling tools, we can help save our customers time and money by providing them with greater visibility of potential issues and highlighting the most efficient solutions. 


An interview with Benoit Tinetti, Global CSR Leader, CEVA Logistics 

As part of the CMA CGM Group, CEVA Logistics is committed to a program of decarbonization as we aim to reach net zero by 2050. Sustainability and innovation involve some of the same concepts, as they’re all about new approaches.  

Innovation must always incorporate the concepts of acting for people, planet and fair trade that are central to CEVA’s sustainability policy. Sustainability runs alongside everything we do at CEVA, which means ensuring that we make the right improvements, in the right way. 


An interview with Melanie Musso, Head of Innovation, CEVA Logistics  

Innovation is about bringing benefits to our customers. And that starts with empowering our employees to fulfil their roles as best they can. That means providing them with the tools and information that they need in an accessible and efficient way. This is another focus for us when it comes to innovation – ultimately logistics is all about people. 

Innovation serves to enhance the employee experience at CEVA, so it continues to be a great place to work.  

Innovation culture

We are proud of our innovation culture at CEVA. We believe that innovation can come from anywhere in the business: on the warehouse floor, in the accounts receivable department or through a new booking platform algorithm.

Innovation thrives when we work together. Our internal network of innovation champions ensure a constant dialogue around solving the complex logistics challenges of our customers. We actively listen to our employees’ ideas, and host regular ideathons, to generate new solutions. At CEVA, we encourage curiosity, the exchange of ideas and experiences to drive positive change within our organization and beyond.


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