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Smart Packaging

You’ve seen the rest, now try the best…..

What we do for you

CEVA and long-term partner GOODPACK deliver supply chain packing solutions which work for every industry.

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Pack, ship and store using these specialist containers which can be used along the entire supply chain and serve as both a transport containers and a consigned storage units.

  • Ecologically friendly freight & packaging because you’ll no longer face having to dispose of waste packaging anymore
  • Containers: over 4 Million units currently in circulation worldwide, damage prevention, safe handling
  • Distribution & stocking points - more than 5000 delivery points with combined raw material & finished goods warehouses in 65 countries

  • Innovative track & trace - trace stock easily through RFID tracking, supports digitization/automation, gives you constant shipment visibility
  • Practical - containers can be folded and stacked, offering genuine space saving. It fits in 20- or 40-foot containers, thereby optimising space.
  • Easy to handle - avoids goods being damaged
  • Economical - offers cost savings of up to 15% compared to a freight + packaging option


4 million
and storage points