Advanced Hub

The CEVA Advanced Hub is an extension of your inventory

Strategically located hubs

Our Advanced Hubs combines freight shipments with sophisticated hub services

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Advanced Hub allows you to take control your transportation flow and provide your end customers with “just-in-time” delivery, whether the final market destination is known or not. 

With the Advanced Hub service, you can ship your cargo and store it in one of our strategically-located port hubs, putting your inventory closer to your potential customers. You can also rely on secure storage and reliable lead times. 


Main Advanced Hub locations: Malta, Port Klang, and Singapore

Other Advanced Hub locations: Colombo, Jebel Ali, Kaohsiung, Khor Al Fakkan, Kingston and Tangier.

What Makes Us Different

Key advantages of Advanced Hubs services

  • Fully customized solutions including a wide range of control tower services, freight management for first and second leg.
  • Cargo storage in container and a standard range of control tower services.
  • Cargo storage in container (Free Trade Zone) including a free period  
  • Among the additional services we can provide are: Insurance, Customs Brokerage and Origin Services.