Thinking upstream to minimise risk.

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As a Top Tier operator in road and rail freight globally our own engineering team has the skills and experience to safely and securely undertake all your Ground Lifting requirements. Working alongside our innovative solutions design team together they can create solutions to meet your lifting needs.

Among the Ground Lifting equipment and services we can offer are:

  • Specialized equipment to transport your outside shipments
  • Transport engineering and engineering calculation
  • Loading, stowage and securing
  • Lifting and loading
  • Packing advice
  • LLP / Transport provider services
  • Solutions design and implementation

What makes us different


Infrastructural projects

We help our customers optimize their Engineering, Procurement, and Construction process (EPC) by applying our deep industry knowledge to their unique project situation.


Industrial & Aerospace

We work with the leaders in industrial conglomerates, government and the military to organize the logistical challenges they face with their program.

Case studies

We proudly partner with numerous leaders across many industries. Discover our success stories.