Two very heavy cranes benefit from the multimodal transport and shipping expertise of CEVA Project Logistics
Two very heavy cranes benefit from the multimodal transport and shipping expertise of CEVA Project Logistics


For renewable energy, oil and gas, power and industrial, mining, aerospace, defense, EPC and infrastructure projects
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BEHIND EVERY WOW, THERE IS A HOW. When you have out-of-gauge, exceptional, bulky or heavy cargo to ship or complex engineering requirements, trust CEVA Logistics with your project. We have the experts and the assets needed to plan, engineer and execute the best-suited end-to-end, chartered and multimodal transport solutions.

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Our experts are highly specialized in-house engineers, project managers, pricing managers, ground crew, stevedores, aircraft handling crew, and charter managers, and with a wide range of long-term partners and vendors, your project requirements will always be met. Whether our own assets or those of our trusted partners, we have containers, vessels, aircraft, heavy-load vehicles, terminals, laydown areas, cranes and rigging equipment, skids, warehouses and more. Our global presence and localized regional expertise ensure your project’s success, no matter the location.

Project Logistics by CEVA Logistics


CEVA Project Logistics experts customize multimodal cross-border engineering and transportation solutions to execute and deliver your critical and most complex projects safely and securely around the world. Guaranteeing a high level of visibility at every stage of operation, sustainable charter options, and a commitment to international HSE standards, our responsive logistics solutions are tailored to solve your specific industry challenges.

Oil and Gas

Our global experts support upstream, midstream or downstream sectors, as well as rig re-supply solutions to ensure the success of your onshore or offshore Oil and Gas project. Whether planning your pipeline installation, maintaining your rig during drilling campaigns, providing product blending and pricing solutions or transporting, trading and distributing your products, we have the integrated solutions to mitigate your supply chain risks and increase safety and performance in compliance with international standards.


Renewable Energy

End to end engineering and transport solutions for your wind, solar, battery storage parks, carbon capture, and hydrogen power plants. From planning the logistics for a new project design to transporting large out of gauge components cross border to the construction site, we have the highly specialized expertise to handle the supply chain challenges in an ever changing and competitive energy industry.


Power and Industrial

Planning for your power plant, grid integration or substation? Transporting transformers, engines, lifting equipment or other large out of gauge industrial components? We offer you our tailor-made engineering and multimodal solutions to power your industrial project whilst optimizing your costs, reducing your risks, and increasing the safety of your operations.



Whether planning mine construction, resupply or closure, handling commodity import and export, or managing logistics and multi modal freight to and from a remote location, our experts and service providers deliver highly specialized end to end transport solutions for your mining project.


EPC and Infrastructure

We have the expertise to engineer and execute your most complex EPC and Infrastructural projects, including but not limited to industrial plants, oil and gas, hydrogen or synthetic fuel plants, mining, gigafactories, or combined cycle power generation through our dedicated and tailor-made solutions that can safely and compliantly meet your complete project requirements. From the early pre-design stage up to RFQ release, our expert team ensures your project is handled in the most cost-effective way, with full integration of our transport engineering skills and deep contractual understanding.


Aerospace and Defense

For civil aerospace, military aerospace, and government contract projects, CEVA's highly experienced specialists design a range of safe and precise global logistics solutions. From forwarding sensitive, high value cargo from multiple origins to chartering and terminal management, we have the expertise, assets, and global presence to deliver your multimillion-dollar assets securely, door to door, whilst optimizing your lead time and costs.



Gigafactory construction requires meticulous planning, coordination, and execution across a wide range of activities, including the transportation of heavy equipment and materials, PO management, full visibility, regulatory compliance, and workforce management. Our team of experts provide enhanced project management and flexibility whilst reducing costs and mitigating risks, ensuring the successful and timely completion of your construction project.



Additional services and solutions

  • Engineering: technical studies for marine, heavy lift and structural engineering, route surveys, and equipment design 
  • Project Turnkey contract: contract project management, planning, KPI reviews, execution, PO management, and full visibility
  • Heavy lift and out of gauge (OOG) spot shipment: transport plan, method statement, risk assessment, packing and cargo preparation, loading and specialized handling, flat rack, open top, OOG, lashing and securing, cargo survey, insurance, heavy haulage permits and road compliance management, and abnormal trucking convoy
  • Air and Ocean Chartering: Aircraft; freighter, heavy lift cargo aircraft. Vessels; multipurpose ships (MPP), heavy lift, semi-sub, barge, freighter, vessel vetting
  • Material management/energy solutions (ES), warehouse and laydown management, dedicated heavy-duty warehouse, PO management, rigging and heavy movement


Our 30+ Project Logistics Competency Centers are strategically located around the globe, with the in-house experts and assets to plan, engineer and execute the best-suited shipping solutions for your heavy, out-of-gauge and complex shipments. 

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Support for your Project Logistics needs


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