Green ocean solutions

We are committed to preserving the planet


We support your logistics in becoming more sustainable

We understand the environmental impact of the supply chain on the planet and we are committed to operating ina sustainable manner and support your sustainability goals.

We offer different Green Ocean Solutions that allow you to make your supply chain more sustainable and participate actively in accelerating the industry's transformation.

Alternative Energies


  • By using BioFuel derived from waste vegetable cooking oil, we immediately reduce 85 % of GHG emission


  • By using LNG and Bio Methane, the cleanest alternative to conventional fuel, we guarantee almost 0 air pollutants and a reduction of GHG emissions by 25%
CEVA green solutions

Positive Offset

  • We offer you the possibility to compensate 100% of CO2 emissions through gold-certified re-forestry or biodiversity programs. Thanks to these programs, we are able to mitigate the impact on the environment, which will benefit from limiting erosion, hosting biodiversity or improving the resilience of the soil
Eco Calculator

CEVA Eco Calculator

  • The environmental measurement software we are developing will allow you to get more accurate information about your carbon emissions. 

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Our Difference

We are committed to the planet and our customers

  • We match your needs: we offer a portfolio of products built on different levels of offers to allow you to select the one matching your sustainability needs  
  • A reliable offer with verified certificates, our green ocean solutions are compliant with all the applicable ISO norms and are audited by a third party, allowing us to provide you with verified certificates for every green solution selected
  • Quick and easy to access: our green ocean offer is available through myCEVA, the all-in-one CEVA’s digital ocean freight platform that allows you to book any green solution in just one click. 
CEVA green solutions