Green Ocean Solutions

Reducing your supply chain emissions


Providing green logistics options for your ocean freight

As part of the CMA CGM Group, CEVA Logistics is committed to the ‘Better Ways’ strategic vision, which focuses on making supply chains more sustainable. As a whole, our Group is significantly investing in research and development to help the emergence of future energy sources and technologies to reduce the impact of transport and logistics on our planet.

Green Ocean Solutions is part of this effort to reduce supply chain emissions. It enables you to:

  • choose ocean vessels powered by alternative fuels
  • offset 100% of the CO2 you emit through re-forestry or biodiversity projects that are certified to gold-standard
  • provide evidence of the green action you have taken with verified certificates.

Through our Green Ocean Solutions, you can reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, build a more sustainable, green supply chain and participate actively in accelerating the industry's transformation.

We offer a portfolio of Green Ocean products so you can select the one that matches your sustainability needs.


Alternative Energy

If you have an FCL (Full Container Load) shipment and want to make an immediate impact on your supply chain emissions, you can choose vessels powered by either of these alternative fuels:


BioFuel immediately reduces your greenhouse gas emissions by 85%. We use the UCOME BioFuel, a second-generation BioFuel derived from waste vegetable cooking oil. It has ultra-low carbon and sulphur oxide emissions.

LNG or Biomethane

LNG and Biomethane are the cleanest alternatives to conventional fuel. They emit almost 0 air pollutants (including Sulfur Dioxide, Nitrogen Oxide and Particulate Matter) and will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25%. You could then use our offsetting programme to compensate for the remaining emissions.

We use fossil fuel LNG and Biomethane with a Guarantee of Origin.

CEVA green solutions

Positive Offset

We can help you offset up to 100% of your CO2 emissions from ocean freight through gold-certified re-forestry or biodiversity programs. We are partnering with PUR Projet on these programs, which protect forests and therefore put carbon back into the ground, limit erosion, improve the resilience of the soil, host biodiversity, and support impoverished communities which rely on the forests.


LCL Offsetting

For your LCL (Less Than Container Load) shipments, we voluntarily offset 100% of your CO2 emissions, on all trade lines, at no extra cost to you.

Through our partner, PUR Projet, we are offsetting by protecting the Gola Rainforest in Sierra Leone: one of the world’s most threatened forests. This is a flagship conservation project in the region: it’s the first REDD+ project in West Africa. It has also achieved Double Gold certification from the Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standard for its exceptional contribution to climate change adaptation and biodiversity.



FCL Offsetting

For FCL shipments, you can choose to offset up to 100% of your CO2 emissions for a small additional cost through our gold-certified re-forestry or biodiversity programs. We participate in two projects: one offering Gold-standard carbon credits and the other supporting forestry projects that bring environmental and social benefits.

Our Difference

We are committed to the planet and our customers

  • We offset your LCL emissions as standard. Since August 2021, we’ve been voluntarily offsetting 100% of the CO2 emissions from our customers’ LCL shipments at no extra cost to them
  • We match your green logistics needs. We offer a portfolio of products so you can select the one that fits your sustainability needs  
  • A reliable offer with verified certificates. Our Green Ocean Solutions are compliant with all the applicable ISO norms. They are audited by a third party, enabling us to provide you with verified certificates for every green solution you select 
  • Quick and easy to access: Our Green Ocean offer is available through myCEVA, the all-in-one digital ocean freight platform that allows you to book any green solution in just one click.