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Value Added Services

Accompanying you at every level


Our strength: anticipation. Always be prepared.

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Teamwork is one of our fundamental values, and we are keen to maintain this link that we create together. We have all the necessary tools to anticipate your every need.

  • We assume responsibility for the shipment, the consolidation and the transport.
  • We provide advice and accompany you.
  • We can be reached 24/7.





Reefer & Perishables

  • Our Reefer containers boast cutting edge technology. Capable of guaranteeing temperatures ranging from -40°C to +30°C, they are ideal for transporting goods requiring temperature control, including perishables such as food and pharmaceutical products
  • For shipping fresh produce, you can rely on our  atmosphere-controlled containers for your shipment. Ensure the freshness of your products while in transit.
  • Our REEFLEX cargo ensures safety of your liquids during transit. You can transport large volumes of up to 26,000 litres in one trip in controlled temperature between -25° and +30°. Loading and unloading only takes one hour.
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The convenient, cost-effective alternative using both modes

If you don’t have enough time for a full ocean voyage, but you cannot afford airfreight all the way, Sea-Air can be the easy, accessible answer. The lower overall cost of ocean freight followed by a final leg by air can significantly shorten the overall transit time while keeping your costs under control all at the same time. Our experts can advise on the options and gateways where we can offer a Sea-Air alternative.


Customs Brokerage

Our Customs Brokerage team works to make the shipment of your goods run smoothly by working closely with you and facilitating their clearance throughout the process. 

From the preparation of documentation through computing the payment of duties, taxes and other charges our specialists are there to assist you.

Our brokers are certified in more than 40 countries and CEVA is fully certified including C-TPAT (the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) a key part of US Customs & Border protection.


We proudly partner with numerous leaders across many industries. Discover our success stories.