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Regular LCL

From Xi'an to Duisburg and Dourges: a special service connecting China and Europe

What we do for you

The comfort of planned shipments, with predictable and respected transit times.

train station
container rubix cube
train station
container rubix cube

Regular LCL is the ideal solution for small consignments shipped in cardboard packaging, boxes or pallets with scheduled weekly departures.

Our CFS department handles consolidation in the containers, and we use our own facilities (vehicles and CFS) to avoid any external disruptions.

  • our door-to-door service covers China and Europe; follow shipping progress live with GPS tracking.
  • save up to 30-40% compared to standard air freight rates.


compared to air freight
20M TEUs
in our containers (CEVA+CMA)

What makes us different

A strong network that pushes back boundaries and simplifies your daily business

Do you have a project, an ambition, the desire to expand your supply chain without having a challenge on your hands every day? With technological advances, the whole world is firmly within reach, although we still have to master space. You can count on CEVA Logistics to successfully take up all your logistical challenges.

Because our partners are always striving for the best possible performance, we have developed an optimal multimodal network offering you the world at the best possible prices and with the best possible lead times. As our customers place their trust in us, our ultimate aim is always to improve our services even further and to design new tailor-made solutions.

At CEVA Logistics, we master space and time and make every effort to create a logistics solution that meets your requirements.

The strategic position of Duisburg

In Europe, we have chosen Duisburg as our hub for receiving regular Rail Freight shipments arriving from China and forwarding the goods to their destinations.

Duisburg enjoys a prime location making it an ideal shipping centre for Western Europe, with trains leaving for all the major cities in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

A ferry departs daily from Rotterdam to deliver to the United Kingdom in less than 24 hours.


Hamburg, the gateway to Scandinavia

Are you looking for a solution to link Asia and Scandinavia? CEVA Logistics has chosen Hamburg as its hub for efficient and successful trade.

Hamburg boasts a rail network linking it to Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

  • the connection involves no intermediate reloading, with a transit time of about 23 to 32 days door-to-door
  • the Nordic countries are supplied by truck and ferry 3 to 6 days after the train’s train's arrival.


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