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Regular FCL

Ensuring cost-effective, planned and predictable transportation

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Are you aiming to conquer the world? We can accompany you

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Do you need a quick and reliable solution for your FCL shipments? CEVA Logistics is sure to have a solution for you:

Our Regular FCL service remains a cost-effective solution: 30 to 40% cheaper than standard air freight rates.


than air freight
to connect Europe and Asia
15 years
of partnerships

What makes us different

The easy route to and from Asia

So you want to extend your influence to the Middle Kingdom? We are on hand to help.

As a significant supplier of raw materials, components and finished products, China has established itself as a major player in the global economy.

Thanks to our increasingly quick, direct and reliable goods transport networks, Asia is only a stone's throw away. With CEVA Logistics, you hold the key to creating or consolidating your ties with China.

Multimodal solutions

Do you need flexible, modular solutions that can be adapted to meet your requirements? Our Rail Freight network combines with other means of transport to provide an even more efficient service

At CEVA Logistics, we help you find the solution that best suits your requirements thanks to equally accessible transport networks by land, sea and air.

For a single destination, we offer a range of possibilities. We freely combine our rail and maritime transport solutions to provide increasingly quick, reliable and cost-effective connections.


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