Fiscal representation
Fiscal representation


Supporting your growth and ensuring local VAT compliance


Do you wish to accelerate your commercial development in Europe? For this you must have a VAT number in each of the countries in which you wish to operate and make supplies. Indeed, VAT is mandatory to trade in Europe and remains primarily a national tax governed by each national tax authority.

VAT registration and management of fiscal declarations may present risks for your business continuity in terms of compliance and always constitute a significant regulatory and paperwork workload.
To trade in new European countries seamlessly and securely, two solutions are available to you: 

  • Create a subsidiary 
  • Appoint a fiscal representative

The first solution can often be long and costly and requires detailed technical input on local regulatory requirements, which are often complex. 
With the second option, CEVA Logistics support you all along the process as Fiscal Representative  in the 27 countries of the European Union, in the UK, Norway and Switzerland through our centralized organization:  

  • ​​​​​​​A fiscal engineering department  
  • A dedicated taskforce of bilingual accountants liaising with the local fiscal administrations. 
  • A dedicated IT system “i-VAT” 

With this unique expertise and organization on the Transport & Logistics market, CEVA experts identify risks and opportunities, simplify and secure your VAT operations in Europe.

Our services

Our experts daily support your business development with end-to-end solutions from regulatory expertise to administrative issue solving:  

  • Proactive monitoring and communication of regulatory changes 
  • Audit and engineering of physical and invoicing flows 
  • Design of optimized solutions 
  • Technical consulting (process, IT, accounting compliance) 
  • Identification of the most competitive VAT solution 
  • Local VAT registration process handled on average within 3 months* 
  • E-commerce: One Stop Shop (OSS) and Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) 
  • Management of VAT declarations and Intrastat Monthly report 
  • Assistance in fiscal and customs inspections 
  • Support in case of litigation 
  • Management of VAT on business expenses 

By efficiently supporting all VAT issues when trading in a new country, our teams ensure:  

  • Time and cost optimization 
  • Full compliance, guaranteed by our regulatory and operational expertise  
  • Full visibility with VAT reporting  

* 27 EU countries’ average – depends on customer and country 


Of fiscal representation expertise
Declarations /year
VAT and Intrastat


  • A unique expertise in fiscal representation within the Transport & Logistics providers encompassing all strategic and operational services to tackle current international companies’ issues.  
  • A game changer for your development in Europe: with a fiscal engineering department, a dedicated taskforce of accountants and a specific IT system, our experts ensure efficient & compliant solutions supporting your business development across Europe.
  • A global customs trade compliance governance structure to ensure high standard of compliance with every local regulatory requirement and ISO certified procedures to minimize risk and unnecessary penalties.  
  • A one-stop shop for customs, fiscal representation and end-to-end logistics management solutions.  

Our experts can efficiently combine customs, fiscal and Logistics engineering (finding the most competitive solution), with tactical know-how by incorporating our control tower, flow management and track & trace system. 

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