Vehicle storage

Optimising your inventory and last mile delivery costs


As the car retail sector is experiencing dramatically change, at CEVA Logistics, we have designed innovative solutions to ensure a seamless customer experience and deliver an outstanding brand experience while providing green solutions and cost efficiencies. With our network of 129 national and proximity compounds, we offer a full range of solutions close to your plants and catchment areas. To give full visibility at any time, all operations are tracked in real-time.

Our services

  • Engineering: on demand, our experts analyse customers’ flows, design the compound’s layout and identify strategic locations according to specific requirements.
  • Bonded or not, we store your vehicles in accordance with your standards. We provide short- and long-term storage and organise domestic and international shipping.  
  • A large network of compounds to match a full range of customers’ requirements:  
    • Distribution Centre: to optimise your distribution, we are located near international hubs (ports, rail stations, motorways) and automotive plants.  
    • Proximity hubs: to make your last mile delivery green and cost efficient.  
  • Dedicated services  
    • Reception and quality control  
    • Short term and Long-Term Storage Maintenance services 
    • Charging: fueling or Electric vehicle smart charging  
    • Inventory management  
    • New cars: control, labelling  
    • Used cars or cars for mobility services: keys, document management  
    • Showroom and Merchant/End-customer self-pick up, PUDO car stations (Pick Up and Drop Off car stations)  
  • Electric vehicle Smart charging: Our solutions rely on 290 smart charging points which are multi-brand and highly connected:  
    • SoC (State of Charge) tests (customised frequency check)  
    • Customisable charging at % expected with an automatic charging stop (1% precision)  
    • 2 speeds of charging available: Fast (DC 50 kW – 0H14*) and accelerated (AC 22 kW – 0H35*) 
    • Charging information status by VIN, accessible by EDI/API or through the CEVA Automotive web portal 
  • Shipping planning and organization, loading operations  
  • Automotive Compound Management System (CMS): our CMS is connected to our TMS for flawless flow synchronisation between storage and transport.  
  • Workshop: we offer a large range of operations to customise, prepare, take care and refurbish your vehicles: 
    • Post Production Operations  
    • Pre delivery Inspection operations  
    • Care services  
    • Refurbishment  

* 50kWh battery. From 10 to 35% SoC 


  • In the fast-evolving automotive industry, automation and digital solutions are vital for productivity, vehicle integrity, full visibility and to tackle the current challenges of the car retail industry.
    To meet these targets CEVA has developed, a wide range of innovative solutions: compound automation for car parking, e-gate to accelerate compound entry/exit, digital inspection portal to speed up the vehicle control, and solar panel or smart EV charging solutions.  
  • As a door-to-door solutions integrator, we ensure a perfect flow synchronisation between storage, workshop operations, transport and customs with our Compound Management System being connected to our TMS.  
  • This innovation and digitalisation, combined with a 70-year-experience, demonstrate CEVA’s unrivalled expertise to support major automotive organisations in such a challenging industry.  

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International worldwide network
car spaces 
Short- and long-term storage
equipped with solar panels
automotive CMS
connected with our TMS
points of charge
63% are super chargers 




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