Vehicle preparation, customisation and refurbishment

Flexible, tailor-made solutions to ensure your vehicles are ready for your customers


We manage a wide range of operations to ensure your vehicles are ready for the road and safe to drive before handing over to customers in our workshops.

Our services

  • PPO (Post Production Operations): our experts handle a full range of customisation operations to meet national and regional expectations, and ensure time and cost savings for both passenger and commercial cars:
    • Passenger cars: preparation of limited series (bicolored and matt paint, decals), interior and exterior customisation  
    • Commercial cars: ply lining, safety labels and reflective stickers, beacons, racking solutions, electronic tracking devices, navigation, security accessories and E-call 
  • PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspections): we provide a range of services to make vehicles ready for your customers to drive:  
    • Inspection: operational and functional checks, electrical diagnostics, final quality inspections according OEM standards, road testing, mechanical controls 
    • Valeting: washing, internal and external valeting, de-protection 
    • Resetting and configuration of electronics systems 
    • Supply and fitment of registration plates  
    • Completion of recall campaigns and rectification of warranty defect 
    • Window engraving 
    • Fueling and smart EV charging 
  • Technical/aesthetic final preparation before final mile delivery
    • Checking 
    • Last valeting 
    • Customer customisation, gifts… 
  • Care services for your new mobility services and car subscription programs: 
    • Technical check 
    • Valeting 
    • Smart repair  
  • Refurbishment operations for your used vehicles:  
    • 2D and 360° imaging  
    • Inspection/appraisal: handled by CEVA or via an approved third party   
    • Repair: in our workshops we undertake all repair operations: spot repair, smart repair and traditional repair operations (bodyshop operations).  
    • Tunning Operations: removable items management​, removal of black box fitments (telematics units), LCV/driving school to PC transformation.  
    • Maintenance operations: change brake pads, fueling/defueling, battery charge, mechanical/safety checks, servicing, brakes, tyres, batteries, lights, EV charging.  
    • Valeting: washing, cleaning, polishing, optical preparation (these operations can be completed before refurbishment or/and after).  
    • Data management: data privacy is key. We can update data, transfer data or data cleanse depending on your requirements.  
  • Component and spare part management: management of these logistics operations from order to transportation and storage depending on your requirements.  
  • Dedicated teams: our highly experienced teams receive regular training on brand requirements.


  • Our services are supported by robust processes, experienced and qualified operators, and an exceptionally wide range of operations for new and used cars, passenger, and commercial vehicles.
    With more than three million yearly customisation and preparation operations worldwide, CEVA Finished Vehicle Logistics is your guarantee of operational excellence and reliability.
  • Beyond global processes and market specifications, our compound operations are perfectly adapted to regional and local requirements ensuring end-to-end solution control.  
  • All these operations are monitored through a unique IT system providing full visibility at any time.  
  • By entrusting these added value operations to experts, you benefit from accelerated time to market and an exemplary customer experience.

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