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Ensuring an outstanding customer experience for B2B and B2C deliveries


At CEVA Logistics, you benefit from a full range of highly reliable “phygital” solutions whatever your vehicle sales channel. Throughout last-mile deliveries, reliability and operational excellence are guaranteed with state-of-the-art driver training and IT tools.

Our services

  • B2B delivery: depending on your consignee, we are able to provide you with Push Delivery, Pull Delivery and Sequenced Delivery (FIFO).  
  • B2C delivery: the number of online new car shops is rising year-on-year and global online vehicle sales are forecast to reach 60% of sales in 2025 (source: ECG 2020).
    For used cars, it is planned that eCommerce will represent more than 18% of sales in the USA and 9.8% in Europe in 2025 (source: Statista).
    New mobility models such as subscription will account for up to 28% of vehicle-based mobility around the world by 2030*. All these new sales models will require a new generation of vehicle logistics.
    For online sales, delivery is the first physical contact with the car/brand following a digital journey.
    CEVA has developed a wide range of “phygital” services to provide customers with a seamless doorstep delivery experience. Our phygital services encompass:
    • iframe/API to embed doorstep delivery (order and tracking) options into your website 
    • Notifications with live order and delivery tracking (SMS or e-mail) to inform you and your end-customer  
    • Large range of delivery modes: single car delivery via small car carrier or via jockey, or PUDO station solutions (Pick Up and Drop Off) dedicated to cars 
    • Handover (standardised or customised)  
    • Digital inspection to secure pick-up and delivery 
    • End customer satisfaction rating for delivery  
  • Full visibility and traceability are ensured throughout the journey and completed by e-PoC and e-PoD.



  • The car industry is facing an omnichannel retail transformation. 79% of dealers are convinced that their role will change dramatically in the next 5-10 years (source: PWC 2018).
    The car buying experience must become omnichannel, personalised and ‘fun’ to engage customers on a long-term basis.
    As a result, logistics must become more responsive, digital, customised, green and cost efficient. At CEVA, we understand these challenges: we have developed digital solutions and new physical logistics services to help OEMs, dealers, leasers and mobility providers to accelerate their transformation, and help new entrants to succeed in a customer experience driven market.  
  • With highly reliable and seamless “phygital” solutions, our customers benefit from pro-activity and increased visibility.   


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