Releasing agent

Accelerating vehicle flows from your assembly line


Our dedicated experts work closely with your in-plant operational teams to manage vehicle flows from the assembly line to plant exit smoothly. The releasing agent efficiently manages and coordinates a team of experts trained to your standards to optimize vehicle takeover, storage, and shipping from the assembly line to the transport service providers.

Our services

  • Organisation and preparation of shipment.
  • People/facility management.
  • Yard management and Long-term storage maintenance services in line with OEM standards.
  • Vehicle quality inspection in line with OEM standards.
  • Yard management.
  • PPO (Post Production Operations): commercial vehicle fittings, preparation of Limited Series models (bicolor and matt paint, decals), preparation of vehicle fleets, commercial and passenger car conversions, and final quality control.  
  • PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspections): electrical diagnostics, test drives, mechanical controls, washing, valeting and final quality control.  
  • Wrapguard/cover protection fitting to vehicles.  
  • Shipping: execution & control of transports by truck, train and/or ship. 
  • Alternative solutions set up in case disruptions: temporary Human resources, additional storage capacities.  
  • Automotive IT solutions to manage and monitor the vehicle dispatch process for enhanced visibility and control.  

These services can be operated on your sites or on our automotive vehicle compounds located near your plant, allowing us to accelerate your flows and your time to market while guaranteeing full reliability and visibility.  


  • By precisely managing the plant exit, executing the planning, and putting in place any corrective or alternative action in case of an unexpected event, our expert teams ensure a high level of reactivity to keep vehicles’ distribution smooth & reliable without any additional cost.
  • They also ensure high productivity and flexibility upon your production pace. Thanks to this expertise, they contribute to accelerating and optimising factory exit to consumer markets.  
  • This crucial support reduces your time to market and enhances customer experience.  

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