Multimodal transportation for new and used cars

Ensuring supply chain efficiency


The market situation today is challenging as the transportation market (all modes) of vehicles is facing shortage capacities in terms of means but also in terms of drivers. The key success factors of these operations include agility, efficiency, and visibility. As part of our DNA, CEVA Logistics teams design complex worldwide routes to continuously optimise your vehicle shipments through green and cost-efficient robust transport solutions, integrating customs operations. To offer optimal visibility at all times, all operations are tracked by VIN and VIS.

Our services for new and used cars

  • Engineering & transport optimisation: our teams design responsive international and domestic solutions to meet your green and cost-efficiency targets and to enhance customer experience and increase agility. 
  • Vehicle transportation by rail: to meet your needs in terms of cost, lead times and CO₂ reduction, we have made rail transportation a top priority with an owned wagon fleet. We are also able to transport your cars in containers.  
  • Vehicle transportation by road: the enviable reputation of CEVA solutions is based on our owned and managed 2,300-truck fleet.  
  • Vehicle transportation by ocean: as experts in Short Sea and Deep Sea, we provide you with a wide range of solutions: 
  • Vehicle transportation by barge: this solution is green efficient and enables mass transportation for domestic and cross border flows. 
  • Customs management: to contend with complex and evolving regulations, minimise risks, avoid costly blockages and optimise your customs budget, our teams partner with you to engineer, manage and monitor your customs operations. With our expertise in international flow engineering, backed by an international network of local experts and a unique information system, our teams provide a range of solutions from strategic to operational:
    • Regulatory watch and customs engineering
    • Optimised and simplified solutions 
    • Customs clearance operations (import/export declarations, transits, TIR and ATA book preparation, declaration of exchange of goods).  
    • Reporting and KPIs 
  • Cross border transportation: 
    • From single car to bulk collection
    • Consolidation on our compounds or direct delivery  
    • On demand, regular, single or mass cross border transportation   
    • Customs management and fiscal representation   
    • Documentation & key management for used cars  
    • Transportation by road, rail or barge depending on your transit time and CO₂ reduction requirements 
    • From single car to bulk delivery   
    • Smooth order management from one to many (single manual entry or mass integration via excel, API, EDI) 


  • As the global automotive sector continues to diversify, and production deals with disruptions CEVA experts have developed a wide range of secure and flexible door-to-door export/import solutions. To help automotive companies (OEMs, importers, dealers and leasing companies) navigate the car freight transportation market seamlessly, we provide optimised cross border solutions which accommodate multi-customer solutions and balanced flows (new/used cars). We also provide green solution to support your CO₂ reduction objectives.
  • These solutions are supported by strong in-house customs expertise. By proactively designing optimised and simplified solutions, our customs engineering teams ensure both full compliance and security while also contributing to cost efficiency objectives. At country level, our teams can perfectly synchronise vehicle transport and associated customs procedures, anticipating any anomalies and blockages.  
  • Lastly, for the length of your supply chain, we offer end-to-end visibility by VIN and by VIS and offer control tower solutions to orchestrate your flows and reduce your time to market. This full control over complex worldwide flows enables us to enhance your competitiveness through green solutions, cost efficiencies and meaningful collaboration.  

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