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For new cars, used cars and for car mobility services
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CEVA Finished Vehicle Logistics solutions are designed for the fast-evolving retail automotive ecosystem. With a full range of “phygital” solutions dedicated to new and used cars, and new mobilities both for commercial, passenger, ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) or electric, our teams support you in meeting today’s digital, circular economy and mobility challenges.

CEVA Finished Vehicles Logistics services span car transportation, vehicle storage, car customisation, vehicle preparation (Pre-Delivery Inspection/PDI), vehicle transformation (Post Production Operations/PPO) and any other operations that may be required during vehicle movements from manufacturer to dealership or to the end customer. It also includes used car refurbishment services and all the logistics services needed for your new mobility services offerings.

We provide you with a one-stop-shop logistics experience for your vehicles from factory exit to end of life. With more than four million cars shipped per year for both commercial and passenger vehicles, Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) or electric vehicles, we are one of the leading Finished Vehicle Logistics providers in Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific and Middle East Africa. We can also give you the best vehicle availability anytime, anywhere in the most green and cost-effective way.


CEVA Finished Vehicle Logistics expertise consists of international and local expert teams, a collaborative IT system and consistent operational processes to operate to high-quality standards. This robust backbone enables us to deliver worldwide operational excellence and provide an outstanding customer experience throughout the supply chain. Thanks to its 70 years’ expertise in finished vehicle logistics, CEVA is a true business facilitator for your car export and import flows, vehicle distribution, automotive e-commerce activities, mobility offerings and circular economy requirements.

Releasing agent

We provide car manufacturers with a wide range of solutions to accelerate flows from assembly line to plant exit. 


Multimodal transportation for new and used cars

We provide you with international, cross-border and domestic car transportation solutions. We continuously optimise your vehicle shipments through green and cost-efficient multimodal logistics solutions, integrated with customs management operations.


Vehicle storage

Whatever the type of vehicles - commercial or passenger cars, Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) or electric vehicles, new cars, used cars and vehicles for new mobility services - we have the solution! At CEVA, we understand the challenges faced in automotive retail and have designed solutions to fit an omnichannel strategy.


Vehicle preparation and customisation, care services and car refurbishment

New cars, used cars or vehicles for new mobility experiences, whatever your vehicle, you need your cars to be ready to drive. At CEVA, we’ve developed a wide range of logistics solutions coupled with our strategically located vehicle workshops to tackle every challenge.


Vehicle delivery

Last mile deliveries are not just about the last leg of the journey; they are also parts of your customer experience! Thanks to CEVA Finished Vehicle Logistics, you benefit from a full range of ‘phygital’ solutions whatever your sales channel: B2B or B2C.


Marketing event logistics

Brand new vehicle deployment programs, pop-up stores, test drives, product placement programs, relief vehicle management, automotive tradeshows, dealership training, demo fleet management… whatever your marketing programs, with 70 years’ finished vehicle logistics experience, our teams can manage all the logistics for your automotive marketing operations.


Vehicle subscription

New mobility models such as subscriptions, could account for up to 28% of vehicle-based mobility around the world by 2030 (source: Statista 2022). These new automotive retail models require a new generation of vehicle logistics. Discover our CEVA Finished Vehicle Logistics solutions, dedicated to your new car subscription programs.



Additional services and solutions  

Our exceptional value proposition for Finished Vehicle Logistics management provides multiple additional services along the supply chain:

  • Engineering and transport optimisation: responsive solutions to help manage vehicles flows smoothly (physical and digital) in highly volatile automotive retail markets and disruptive environments. 
  • Customs management and fiscal representation: customised solutions to optimise, operate and coordinate your customs formalities worldwide. Dedicated fiscal representation teams manage VAT when you need to accelerate your commercial deployment in European countries where you don’t have subsidiary representation. 
  • Full traceability: end-to-end visibility at VIN or VIS level. 
  • Performance management: range of advanced analytics solutions to enhance performance and accelerate decision making. 
  • Control tower: scalable solutions to orchestrate, control and optimise your finished vehicle supply chain flows (physical, information and financial flows) from door-to-door. 
  • Crisis management: dedicated teams and processes to manage highly disruptive crisis situations and maintain operations and IT flows in the most crucial times. This can include risk management appraisal, alternative solutions, real-time monitoring, and debriefing with the customer every 2 hours.  



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