Brexit, the Supply Chain, and CEVA Logistics


Ensuring compliance and efficiency on both sides of the Channel


Since January 1, 2021, the border between the European Union and the United Kingdom has been reestablished with the immediate consequences of the entry into force of new declarative obligations.

The logistical and financial impact of Brexit is being felt right across supply chains, on both sides of the Channel, affecting the duties businesses pay, pushing costs up for businesses who don’t optimize supply chains in response to new procedures, and creating non-compliance risk for those who are unsure of the new regulations.  

At CEVA, we believe that the risks associated with Brexit can be significantly reduced by adopting best practice early and building customs compliance into your everyday processes.  

In a highly uncertain regulatory environment, we partner daily with leading players of all industries to ensure full compliance, cost efficiency and time to market whilst limiting risks close to 0.  
With more than 400,000 Customs declarations per year between the EU and the GB, CEVA have become a leading player in providing secure Door-to-Door Brexit solutions and supporting your trade.

Our services

  • A central and local Customs taskforce with significant strategic & operational Know How  
    • Legal watch 
    • Customs audit, engineering, and optimisation 
    • Formalities anticipation at departure (Customs UK/EU, GVMS) 
    • Document compliance (conformity, rules of origin), INCOTERM® 
    • French anticipated transit / declarations 
    • Import / Export declarations  
    • GB EXS declarations / GB Transit déclarations 
    • Customs operations monitoring 
  • A dedicated road expertise for a seamless GB <-> EU journey 
    • Flows review and support for compliance 
    • GVMS/ENS declarations 
    • French logistics envelope 
    • Alternative routes (Ireland) 
    • Time critical solutions, 
    • Back up and alternative solutions 
  • A control tower coordinating all the stakeholders of the ecosystem (suppliers, consignees, agencies, customs authorities and carriers), monitoring flows and ensuring supply chain performance and visibility.

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  • How to prepare your shipments from/to Great Britain: follow the guide! 
    Brexit: 10 best practices
    Invoices, Incoterms, customs nomenclatures... the ever-changing regulatory framework of Brexit has a considerable impact on your supply chain. 
    Our experts have the regulatory and engineering expertise to keep you informed. 
    Discover the 10 best practices to succeed in a complex environment!
  • How to export to the EU or GB?
    CEVA Checklists

    Exporters and importers on both sides of the Channel: identify the conditions and steps to follow to ensure your shipments are in perfect compliance: to-do list, guide for exporters and guide for importers.
    Full efficiency and peace of mind guaranteed!


Brexit regulatory & engineering expertise
Brexit regulatory & engineering expertise

With a dedicated Brexit taskforce and a significant regulatory expertise, our teams can precisely map your flows, streamline the documentation and processes to target full efficiency and compliance across your ecosystem.  

Regulatory changes are anticipated while operational risks are identified ahead to avoid main bottlenecks and maintain your trade.

Customs and transport operations anticipation and synchronisation
Customs and transport operations anticipation and synchronisation

On the operational side, our 260 Brexit Customs agents successfully secure 400,000 declarations per year; they ensure full compliance by both controlling regulatory conformity and rules of origin and anticipating formalities at departure.  
This expertise guarantees lead times and costs are under control.

Door-to-Door Brexit solutions
Door-to-Door Brexit solutions

Last key success factor at CEVA is our ability to design and implement end-to-end solutions.  
By optimizing and synchronizing Customs and transport operations, monitored by a global control tower, your whole activity and supply chain stakeholders (suppliers, consignees, Customs, carriers) are under control.  

This is an additional pillar of performance, security and customer experience that makes the difference.


EU<->UK Customs declarations



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