custom brokerage


We provide management and advice to ensure your products move cross-border with no delays

What we do for you

Our Customs Brokerage team provide expertise across tariff and Customs laws, rules and regulations for the clearance of imported or exported goods, the preparation of import or export documents including computation and payment of duties, taxes and other charges – worldwide.

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In the complex US market our core services across all transport modes include:

  • Customs Entry Preparation and Electronic Filing
  • Importer Security Filings
  • Liquidation Monitoring
  • Post Entry/PSC Processing
  • FTZ (Free Trade Zone) Entry Processing


We have an exceptional network to support you providing:

  • brokerage at all ports of entry in the US
  • operations in FTZs at all major US gateways with potential for big cost savings for customers
  • Backed up by state-of-the-art systems
  • Robust reporting and customer visibility

And most importantly we are:

► A Validated partner in the US CBP
► ISO certified for Customs Brokerage processes