Warehousing and Fulfillment

Expertise, innovation, and excellence in logistics management


We navigate every facet of your supply chain, with a steadfast commitment to excellence. Our expert teams are strategically positioned worldwide to support your operations. Our facilities offer comprehensive services to meet your requirements.

At the core of our operations lies a state-of-the-art IT system, ensuring seamless orchestration and the promise of delivering consistent service levels. This is achieved through global harmonized programs and tools, rooted in experience and sector best practices.


Our approach is designed to meet requirements of each customer, accommodating varying volumes and operational demands:

  • Dedicated, multi-user or campuses operations  
  • Bonded or non-bonded areas 
  • Ambient & temperature-controlled areas  
  • Special goods handling - High value goods, Hazmat 
  • Value added services - quality check, refurbishment operations including testing/repair, returns and reverse logistics with asset disposal and swap management, contract packaging, customer support for end consumers, special services like sample/gifts, waste management, returnable packaging, etc 
  • Efficient transport: Inbound and outbound transportation and last mile delivery options to optimize the management of complex flows to and from your warehouses 

CEVA's warehousing and fulfillment solutions are the result of our team of experts who possess extensive supply chain and industry knowledge, as well as long-term partnerships with major players across various sectors.

  • Cutting-edge industry solutions with standardized processes based on best practice, proven concepts and dedicated expert teams enabling scalability and flexibility - Stable & reliable solutions easily replicable worldwide and customizable to accommodate local market specificities. 
  • eCommerce excellence: managing shared inventory, marketplace integration, and omni-channel fulfillment cater to Direct to Consumer, B2B and dropship channels.  

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what makes us different

Empowering our workforce to consistently deliver high performance, reflecting our enduring partnerships cultivated over decades.

  • Committed to your success – your end-to-end partner
    • Robust Site Classification Assessment ensures Operational Excellence globally.
    • Over 75,000 Kaizen instances underscore our commitment to continuous improvement.
    • Seamlessly engineered contract lifecycle from Solution Design and Implementation to Continuous Improvement and Re-engineering - guided by global harmonized programs, led by local experts who own customer relationships. 
    • Integrated warehousing and transportation.
  • Catalyzed by Innovation – shaping the future of logistics 
    • Sector-leading solutions leveraging industry best practices, innovations, and standard processes to ensure robustness of operations at optimized costs.
    • Technology-driven solutions, including automation and collaborative robots, enhancing efficiency and productivity while tackling labor shortages.
    • Circular logistics solutions to minimize carbon footprint.
  • Powered by CEVA Matrix® WMS - Your Control Hub 
    • A WMS suite catered to different needs from standardized solutions up to the most complex projects.
    • Consistent performance around the world combined with strong customer success management.
    • Unmatched performance and lead times for implementation with minimized cost and risk.
    • Efficiency through performance management, integration capability (API, EDI).
    • Innovation and continuous improvement with regular product upgrades benefiting all customers.


with more than 220 millions of orders processed annually
of partnership with top 20 customers
implementation timeline for standard WMS



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