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CEVA Matrix® is our global supply chain platform which provides a suite of applications leveraging a range of proprietary and third-party products tailored to CEVA’s specifications to ensure we can meet your every requirement.

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Our global CEVA Matrix® IT platform comprises a suite of applications providing end-to end management of air and ocean freight shipments from origin to destination, together with warehouse, supply chain and ground transport management. These applications are in use in every country in which we operate, and some of them can be implemented in as little as three weeks.

CEVA Matrix® IT platform provides real time information in order to optimise traceability and profitability. All elements of the suite are integrated with our financial reporting systems and can also be interfaced with customers’ financial, enterprise resource planning and logistics systems.

CEVA Matrix® Applications

CEVA Matrix® Applications

Matrix® Supply Chain Platform enables a modular solution for efficient planning, orchestration, execution and settlement; providing end-to-end visibility and reducing the total cost of your logistics operation. It is the underpinning technology for global supply solutions.
CEVA Logistics Matrix

CEVA Matrix® WMS

CEVA Matrix® WMS (warehouse management system), is our fully virtualized and packaged platform to manage warehouse operations

CEVA Logistics Matrix

CEVA Matrix® TMS

CEVA Matrix® TMS (transport management system), is a system to manage our ground transportation network that is fully integrated with WMS and OFS and provides visibility, traceability of goods, fleet monitoring, a mobile app and Proof of Delivery (PoD).

CEVA Logistics Matrix

CEVA Matrix® SCM

CEVA Matrix® SCM (supply chain management), is our system to support our lead logistics (4PL) business encompassing comprehensive supply chain tools, including asset, order, data transport, carrier and disruption management

CEVA Logistics Matrix

CEVA Matrix® Connect

CEVA Matrix® Connect denotes the interfaces that enable customers to connect to our platforms.

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