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As a recognized 4PL logistics expert and thanks to more than 750 warehouses worldwide, CEVA Logistics offers and manages end-to-end supply chain solutions.

Our dedicated Contract Logistics organization uses technology and innovation to deliver optimized and reliable solutions. Whatever the complexity and the geographical scope, we will design, execute and monitor your supply chain strategy to help you keep your promises to your customers.

We believe that operational excellence is a continuous journey and our aim is to always support our customers as they move up in the value chain. We do that through design principles and process standardization, controlling all project implementation, site & transport classification assessment and our continuous improvement culture.

CEVA Contract Logistics

Contract Logistics by CEVA Logistics

Our focus on operational excellence enables us to assist you in increasing your total supply chain cost efficiency and reduce the impact of your activities on the environment.

Reasons to choose CEVA Logistics as your Contract Logistics provider?

As the 5th largest Contract Logistics provider globally, we operate 750 locations, with warehouse space spanning over 9 million sq metre.

Our global strategically located, dedicated and shared warehousing is perfectly positioned to take advantage of local distribution network centers. Alongside our coverage, we offer a range of with Value-Added Services.



Our transportation solutions cover a range of multi-modal capabilities, time-definite services, Customs brokerage and full digital tracking solutions.


Along with our extensive range of services and solutions, we provide supply chain solutions, from supply chain design & engineering, sourcing and auditing, 4PL service offering integration and management of other 3PL providers, under a flexible commercial and operating model.



CEVA MATRIX® WMS is a proprietary, market leading solution incorporating proven business processes defined by CEVA Logistics’ experts.

SMART solutions

With our SMART SOLUTIONS we provide Standardized “Best Practice” options with proven concepts so that we can address your needs with up-to-date, innovative best practice based on standardized replicable processes & systems on global scale.

SMART Solutions are designed to drive a high level of service quality. Documentation includes process descriptions, standard system configuration, including materials & data flows, layout, flow decision tree, productivity benchmark and training material.

We can make them sector specific and using automation, robotization & digital solutions we seek to drive down cost and make SMART Solutions the most cost effective approach for our customers


Innovation across the supply chain

We work with renowned partners to implement the most advanced technologies in order to ensure the best service level for our customer's thanks to automated equipment dedicated to key tasks in our warehouses

  • Support start-ups to develop supply chain technologies
  • Partner with emerging and established brands
  • Invest in research to develop digital supply chains
  • Robots working directly alongside order pickers to maximise picking output.
  • Advanced automation for a standard warehouse management system.
  • Automated pickup and order preparation for increased productivity.
  • Drones for more reliable and accurate inventories.




As a global logistics company, CEVA Logistics pays particular attention to its role in the protection of the environment and its responsibility to the community.

  • Consolidation Hubs - taking away city centre deliveries
  • Recycling solutions- zero landfill initiatives
  • Electric vehicles - Clean fuel drives our vehicles
  • Solar Panel solutions - Our warehouses and fleet are taking advantage of powering our solution by the sun.


We partner with leaders and specialists across all industries, discover our success stories.

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