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Reusable Packaging Services

Driving cost-efficient, lean and sustainable inbound supply chains


Are you looking for solutions to make your supply chain leaner & greener without investing in assets?

Reusable packaging has now become one of the game changers to instigate greater sustainability & automation within the supply chain.
For 35 years, we have partnered with worldwide leading manufacturers to design fully optimised and monitored reusable packaging solutions while enhancing cost efficiency & agility.
Our expertise focuses on 4 main pillars:   

  • Assets & solution design, leasing
  • Transport and planning management
  • Collaborative IT systems from order to invoicing
  • 360° flows monitoring & support for you, your plants & your suppliers

Our services

  • Strategic services. Our central engineering teams design tailor-made packaging solutions that include:  
    • Design, co-conception of packaging to fit your products & supply chain requirements   
    • Financing & leasing solutions to prevent asset investments and ensuring cost variability with a pay-per-use model 
  • Tactical services. Our solutions enable to create ‘lean’ processes for Supply Chain optimisation:  
    • Packaging flows optimisation and planning  
    • Network design  
    • Change management: our central & local teams support you & your ecosystem to ensure a smooth transition towards the new packaging processes 
  • Operational services. Our teams manage & monitor your packaging flows from end to end & guarantee operational excellence & full control:  
    • Transport 
    • Packaging pooling, reducing miles driven and CO2 emissions. 
    • Cleaning & repair within our 8 Washing facilities and 20 distribution centres  
    • Phygital flows monitoring: 
      • Dedicated & collaborative IT systems: packaging order, stock follow up, invoice monitoring 
      • Dedicated contacts: a full team of experts are here to support you centrally (contract manager) and locally with your plants (relationship executives) and your suppliers (auditors), ensuring monitoring, visibility & control of your activity. Our customer service team is also by your side to manage any event occurring in your packaging supply chain, supporting any potential deviations.  
    • Continuous optimisation 

Together, let’s make reusable packaging a game changer for your inbound supply chain!

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Unique strategic and operational expertise to navigate uncertain times iconicon
Unique strategic and operational expertise to navigate uncertain times

CEVA expertise encompasses a wide range of services from engineering and network design to transport, cleaning, repair and monitoring.  
This one stop shop approach for reusable packaging ensures all your inbound packaging supply chain is under control, optimised and secure.  

With uncertainty over the 'new normal', your dedicated contact will support you in optimising your whole packaging process.

Extensive monitoring to secure your whole packaging supply chain iconicon
Extensive monitoring to secure your whole packaging supply chain

Because a reusable packaging solution creates change in your supply chain and impacts on all your stakeholders, our experts support you throughout your project and ensure 360° monitoring across your ecosystem.

Your suppliers are trained and supported by local auditors and your plants have a dedicated contact, so you benefit from a global contract manager and a customer service team dealing with any non-conformance or request.  
In addition to this expertise and support, a collaborative IT system provides full visibility from packaging order management through to invoicing and reporting.

This organisation makes reusable packaging a winning strategy within your ecosystem and securely instigates change in your supply chain.

A highly scalable leasing solution to give you agility gains iconicon
A highly scalable leasing solution to give you agility gains

CEVA Logistics DNA for reusable packaging relies on highly flexible and scalable solutions:  

  • For each of our customers, our teams create tailor-made solutions, fully adapted to organisation, inbound issues or industry.  
  • CEVA’s leasing solution ensures that packaging orders and related costs adjust in relation to actual use and production rates.

Our experts respond to your issues to ensure ongoing agility and competitiveness. 


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