Air Premium

Our standard air freight service: reliable, safe and fast

What we do for you

Direct routing services for shipments with required transit times of 48-96 hours airport to airport

plane with sunset
Air freight
plane with sunset
Air freight

We dispatch your shipments on time, with transit times of 48 to 96 hours.

Your load is processed as a priority (at both departure and arrival) and tracked in real time.
We follow standard clearance procedures and the proof of delivery (POD) is available within 6 hours.

Your priorities are also ours. Team spirit is at the heart of what we do for our customers at CEVA Logistics and we drive the synergies which will help you t achieve even the most complex requirements.

Key Advantages

Maximum Transit Time
Airport to Airport
< 6h
Issuing time
for the Proof of Delivery
Priority track
Handling & pick-up
Regardless of the flight time

Our difference

Sea-Air: The convenient, cost-effective alternative using both modes

If you don’t have enough time for a full ocean voyage, but you cannot afford airfreight all the way, Sea-Air can be the easy, accessible answer. The lower overall cost of ocean freight followed by a final leg by air can significantly shorten the overall transit time while keeping your costs under control all at the same time. Our experts can advise on the options and gateways where we can offer a Sea-Air alternative.

Case studies

We partner with leaders and specialists across all industries, discover our success stories.