Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024

The CMA CGM Group, including CEVA Logistics, is the Official Partner in Logistics Solutions of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games

The CMA CGM Group will make its expertise available to Paris 2024, handling the transport and logistics for the goods, equipment and materials required for the event’s success at the Olympic and Paralympic sites.

CEVA Logistics Paris 2024

CEVA Logistics & Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024

The CMA CGM Group will make its expertise available to Paris 2024, handling the transport and logistics for the goods, equipment and materials required for the event’s success at the Olympic and Paralympic sites.

To ensure this success, CEVA Logistics started its preparation a long time ago. Because logistics is all about anticipation, we planned ahead to carry the emotions, the hopes and the dreams.

Just like a relay race, all of our employees worked hand-in-hand and paved the way in full synchronicity from the very first mile to the last one. To make sure of one thing: that all these dreams reach their destination. Their destiny. 

But our mission is more than anticipating movement; it's also anticipating the future of the planet

Net-zero emissions by 2050: not just a goal, but a race we're already on, one step ahead of the competition. Our fleet, ahead in sustainability. Our warehouses, ahead in eco-efficiency. Our operations, ahead in innovation.

Logistics from starting blocks to finish line

palettes to move


pieces of luggage managed from airports to Olympic sites


items of furniture, fittings, equipment, and goodies

250 containers

of stands and mobile seats


Transportation, assembly, and disassembly of 17,000 beds

7,000 trips

to carry out the last-mile delivery with a fleet of over 300 vehicles, ranging from vans to heavy goods vehicles (50% of orders will be delivered in a low-carbon manner)


sports equipment items, including shooting weapons, trampolines, poles, boats, surfboards

End-to-End Logistics

of the world's largest audiovisual production

Supporting your Paris 2024 logistics needs

Warehousing and Contract Logistics

Three logistics platforms of more than 80,000 m² are being created in the Paris region. They allow for the reception, storage, preparation, and customs clearance of goods and equipment from the Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games and the Olympic family. 

One of these sites hosts furniture, athletes' sports equipment, medical equipment, and other goods, while another is used to store additional logistics for the transition and dismantling phases of the Olympic and Paralympic sites.


Delivery to the Olympic Sites

The last-mile logistics of the Olympic and Paralympic Games will be crucial to ensure flexibility and security. This last-mile logistics covers four main categories of activities for CEVA Logistics: 

  • Nearby storage, with ultra-secure or non-secure sites and multi-user urban storage; 
  • Planned, organized, and secured delivery to Olympic sites; 
  • Inter-Olympic site flows with secure loading and delivery, reconditioning if necessary, precise schedules, and dedicated assignments; 
  • Return logistics including loading, consolidation of goods, and transportation to the points indicated by the Olympic Committee.

Olympic Site Logistics

CEVA Logistics' mission on about thirty Olympic sites for the PARIS 2024 Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games: 

  • Plan, transport, store, operate incoming and outgoing flows, handle equipment and installations coming either from the COJOP or from certain contractual partners; 
  • Provide dedicated and personalized logistical resources, human and material, to each of the Olympic sites operated by CEVA Logistics.


As the Official Partner in logistics solutions for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024, we offer you a seamless logistics one stop shop end-to-end experience. 

  • For the villages, CEVA Logistics will have a complete logistical activity ranging from the transport of goods, to their storage, delivery, and also the assembly of certain elements and direct installation on the site for the proper setup of media and athletes on these 6 Olympic sites. The most significant site among these villages will be the Olympic and Paralympic Village. We will also handle the dismantling, packaging, and returns of these supplies. 
  • For the media sites and all broadcasting services, CEVA Logistics mainly operates the transport of equipment, the reception of goods from our sites or suppliers, their storage, installation, and the dismantling of certain supplies, repackaging, and returns of the material. 
  • On each of the 17 competition sites, both indoor and outdoor, our operations will be very diverse: reception of goods, distribution of supplies, assembly, provision of our teams for handling operations, dismantling, grouping, and loading for return to warehouses or collection by suppliers. 


Throughout the games, the CEVA teams will remain available for handling operations on the Olympic sites.



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