Industrial Projects and Energy Services (IP&ES): CEVA Logistics in Chile performs major operation

Time Critical Heavy Lift and Oversized Land Transport, successfully performed by the CEVA Logistics team in Chile.

Successful move in Chile

CEVA Logistics in Chile was designated by Codelco, one of the most important copper mining companies in the world, to arrange the transportation of 9 oversized and overweighed (6.63 x 2.06 x 4.2 mtr / 58.8 ton ea ) conveyor belts for one of their mining operations in northern Chile.  

Codelco has the largest known copper reserves and is also one of the largest producers of molybdenum in the world, in addition to being a major producer of rhenium, of which Chile is the largest producer worldwide.

CEVA's scope was to receive the conveyor belts directly discharged from the vessel onto lowbed trucks in the port of Las Losas and to transport them to an intermediate site in Antofagasta. The belts' sizes and dimensions required special transport permits which had to be adjusted, as well as equipment and personnel on a daily base, due to constant shifts in the vessel’s unloading program caused by strike and climate impacts in Port of Las Losas.

 Industrial Projects and Energy Services: Successful move in Chile


Still under this challenging environment, CEVA managed to maintain the availability of all the resources - complying with accreditations, COVID-19 protocols and Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) requirements, despite of staff and equipment rotation during 2 weeks.

All 9 lowbed trailers could be positioned on time for direct reception from the vessel and be transported immediately to the destination, avoiding detention of overtime charges in the stand by period at the port. The belt’s installation at the job site was delayed, hence the on time delivery was imperative for the customer, in order not to affect production.

The customer congratulated CEVA Logistics for the successful delivery of these critical components on time. This action increasingly demonstrates the strengthening of the Industrial Projects and Energy Services (IP&ES) service in the Latin America region!