CEVA Logistics successfully performs major Charter flight shipment for customer in Brazil

Another export charter in Brazil was successfully completed for one of the biggest customers of the Consumer & Retail sector in Brazil.

Charter flight shipment in Brazil

CEVA Logistics in Brazil successfully completed another export charter for one of the biggest customers of the Consumer & Retail sector in Brazil. 

A mega operation was effectively carried out with the chartering of a 747-400 Freighter aircraft to serve an export that required shipment in a single lot and with short lead time, from Brazil to Mexico. The shipment of cosmetics and hygiene products totaled 90 tons and 233 pallets! The demand arose and it took only 9 days since the award for the shipment confirmation. It was a mega operation with the main departments involved to successfully fulfill this demand!

Several challenges were faced in this operation, both at the Mexican destination and its local authorizations, as well as the surprise of a volcano erupting on the scheduled flight route.

charter flight

Despite the challenges, the team worked together with the customer to meet hard deadlines and carry out a successful operation. Hats off to all the teams involved for the great work done!