CEVA Logistics Latvia
CEVA Logistics Latvia

CEVA Logistics in Latvia

Your effective Gateway to Russia, Central Asia, Belarus and Caucasus

CEVA Logistics in Latvia is ready to support you

CEVA Logistics in Latvia offers a full-range of multimodal transportation services including sea freight (Deep Sea, Short Sea, Ro-Ro), rail and road transportation. We also offer Warehousing services including long and short term storage (such as our Advanced Hub product that offers Delay-in-Transit service), Project cargo handling and Customs management.

Historically a transit country between West and East, Latvia is well connected with several multimodal corridors, making it an ideal hub for organizing transit between the European Union, CIS and Asian markets. It is also strategically located for general cargo deliveries from EU and non-EU factories to the ‘1520 Area’ countries. The 1520 area stands for countries where the railway gauge is 1,520 millimeters. This includes the CIS countries, as well as Georgia, the Baltic countries, Finland and Mongolia.


Leveraging on our strong ground network combined with regional market know how, we ensure efficient and competitive delivery solutions to all 1520 Area countries using rail and road as the last leg delivery. Thanks to the strong network of CMA CGM, we can offer you access to depots and drop off solutions to allow competitive pricing.

Whether by sea, rail, or road our team of experts will handle the delivery in the best and safest way possible, while offering a personalized approach to every customer and applying the most effective and reliable pricing. For more information download our flyer or contact DMITRY TVORONOVICH at dmitry.tvoronovich@cevalogistics.com

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