Going Green in Peru

CEVA installed a solar panel system on its Showcase site located in the city of Ventanilla in Peru

We have recently installed a Solar Panel system on our site located in the city of Ventanilla in Peru, which brings many benefits:

✔️ By generating energy through the sun we can reduce up to 18 tons of polluting gas emissions in a year.
✔️ The use of solar panels contributes to the environment avoiding noise pollution.
✔️ Savings of up to 50% of the annual cost of electricity.
✔️Long life: Solar panels are designed to last 25 years.
✔️1MWh of installed solar power capacity saves 600kg of CO2 emitted. This saves the planting of 6 trees.

With this new Green warehouse, we seek to reinforce our commitment to sustainable development by making correct use of current resources without compromising future generations.