The Art of Preparation

At CEVA every race deserves a good start, so team spirit, anticipation and precision are the key to success.

The starting grid of a Formula 1 Grand Prix symbolizes the culmination of months of preparation, effort, and optimization. This decisive moment not only marks the beginning of the race but also represents the realization of the preparatory work. The same principle applies to CEVA's logistics for Scuderia Ferrari: perfect synchronization between anticipation, speed, and precision.

Our collaboration with Ferrari perfectly illustrates this analogy. Like Ferrari refining its preparation for each race, CEVA orchestrates the team's equipment logistics, ensuring its presence at every circuit. Anticipation and planning are crucial, especially given the packed Formula 1 calendar, with 24 races spread across the globe, sometimes only a week apart.

In 2023, Ferrari participated in 23 Grand Prix races, requiring 54 logistical stages for CEVA. This logistical challenge exemplifies our commitment to meticulous preparation, akin to the efforts of Ferrari's engineers and technicians. Our multimodal logistics approach, for transporting equipment across five continents, showcases our ability to anticipate and optimize each movement, ensuring timely delivery, budget control, and cargo safety.

Our carefully crafted multimodal logistics solutions leverage a combination of transportation methods to optimize each step of the journey, from departures to arrivals, and adapt to specific constraints.


CEVA and Ferrari partnership in Formula 1
CEVA and Ferrari partnership in Formula 1
CEVA and Ferrari partnership in Formula 1
CEVA and Ferrari partnership in Formula 1

Our logistics solutions are designed to reduce carbon footprint, favoring maritime freight, when possible, which can decrease CO2 emissions by 70% to 90% compared to air transport. This strategy, despite adding additional stops and technical stages to the route, demonstrates our commitment to sustainable logistics tailored to the environmental challenges of our time.

Our emergency responses, such as during the floods in Imola or geopolitical tensions affecting maritime routes, underscore our flexibility and ability to quickly adapt our logistical strategies, ensuring Ferrari remains in pole position regardless of circumstances.

For instance, the cancellation of the Imola Grand Prix due to severe flooding highlighted our ability to respond to the unexpected. This crisis required close coordination not only with Ferrari but also with Grand Prix organizers, security services, and local authorities to manage approximately 45 tons of equipment. One of the biggest challenges was safeguarding equipment from flooding and devising a viable transport scheme through a region where roads had become impassable. Thanks to our responsiveness, we were able to retrieve damaged equipment to Maranello and redirect intact material to the next Grand Prix in Monaco, involving the management of multiple teams and vehicles under tight time constraints.

The collaboration between CEVA's teams based in Assago, on the outskirts of Milan, and Ferrari in Maranello, located about 200 km away, is the cornerstone of our shared success. This synergy, built on responsiveness and logistical excellence, ensures unparalleled performance at every stage of the process, from designing transport plans to final delivery at the circuit.

In summary, the collaboration between CEVA and Ferrari goes beyond conventional partnership. It embodies a synergy where anticipation, speed, and precision are the pillars of shared success. Like in F1, every second counts, and together, we prove that behind every victory lies a championship logistics team.