CEVA Logistics supports semiconductor production growth through ASM International NV contract expansion

CEVA will provide contract logistics support at new global manufacturing headquarters of ASM International NV with on- and off-site warehouse management


  • CEVA Logistics expands contract logistics support for ASM International NV through expanded presence in Singapore
  • CEVA will provide contract logistics support at new global manufacturing headquarters of ASM International NV with on- and off-site warehouse management


SINGAPORE – July 8, 2021CEVA Logistics has opened a state-of-the-art, in-house operations site at ASM International NV’s new global manufacturing headquarters in Singapore. It marks an expansion of CEVA’s footprint locally and reinforces its position as a key service provider catering to the specialized requirements of the semiconductor industry.

Semiconductor market to grow 20 percent by year-end

ASM International NV specializes in the design and manufacture of semiconductor wafer processing equipment for the fabrication of semiconductor devices. According to World Semiconductor Trade Statistics latest forecast from May 2021, the world market for these devices is set to grow by almost 20 percent in the remainder of 2021 with the current annual market size at approximately US$527 million. All major product categories within the field are expected to show double-digit annual growth, with the strongest increase shown in Asia Pacific.

Critical logistics support within new facility

At the new 95,000 square-foot ASM International NV facility, CEVA Logistics will provide critical logistics support, such as inventory and storage management, spare part management, kitting, trash removal and cleanroom packing, along with other value-added services supporting manufacturing activities, including transportation. Almost 150 people will be operating at the site by the end of 2021 in order to maximize warehouse management operations.

Says Elaine Low, managing director, SEAPAC, CEVA Logistics, “With global demand for smart devices and components accelerating, the semiconductor industry is certainly well positioned for growth, and with our long-standing presence in this market, it is a fast-growing sector for CEVA Logistics. Thanks to our experienced team, we have been at the forefront of this industry for decades, providing responsive logistics solutions to semiconductor manufacturers. Our agility in serving our customers is a critical asset as they ramp up to respond to ever-increasing demand.”



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