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Information about Fraud and Scam attempts

Please be aware of ongoing scams and email fraud. We have been made aware of fraudulent use of our name and logo to obtain payments or services associated to false contracts. Learn how to identify and prevent this type of fraud

Please be aware of scams

We have been made aware of ongoing scams that fraudulently use the CEVA Logistics’ name and logo targeting businesses to obtain payments or services associated with false contracts. This recently happened on multiple occasions in Europe and North America.


Fraudulent use of CEVA’s name and logo to promote frauds and scams

CEVA Logistics’s name and logo are falsely used to promote frauds and scams. This correspondence typically includes illegitimate use of the CEVA logo, CEVA letterhead, signatures and names of CEVA officials and of CEVA teams and departments. In some cases, fake websites impersonating CEVA are used for fraudulent purposes.

These frauds and scams aim to obtain money (directly or through the request for personal details e.g., identity card, bank account details, etc.) from individuals or companies. The target of these frauds and scams are often investors who incurred financial losses.

All references to CEVA Logistics or its employees and/or members of its stakeholder groups in this kind of communication are false and have been made without CEVA’s knowledge or consent.


How to identify this type of fraud

Please be aware of these common warning signs of a scam to help you identify and prevent this type of fraud:

  • Urgent requests for money or placing security deposits (guarantee) in return for the tender award.
  • Requests for your personal and financial information.
  • Misspelled/wrong website or email addresses, like:
    • mycevamanagement
  • A non-CEVA domain, like Hotmail, Gmail, or Yahoo for example. 
  • Spelling and grammatical errors, or excessive capitalization and exclamation points.
  • Claims that the business partners have won a CEVA tender.
  • Contact established through non-corporate applications such as WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram etc.


Stay safe and be vigilant.

If you receive dubious or obviously fraudulent requests, do not access any links or reply or provide personal information. In order to protect yourself against these unauthorized communications, CEVA Logistics advises you to check whether the e-mail received is genuine and inform your superior in case of suspicious e-mails.

To better protect yourself, pay attention to the following:

  • CEVA Logistics is a fully-owned subsidiary of the CMA CGM Group in Marseille, France.
  • CEVA Logistics’s headquarter is based in Marseille, France.
  • CEVA Logistics’s emails end with the address All other email addresses including those with only one letter or one symbol (such as a hyphen) or a typo letter that is different are fake.
  • In case of doubts or suspicions about the authenticity of any correspondence received those claims to be from or linked to CEVA or its representatives, forward the concerned emails as an attachment to
  • Report the suspicious communication to your domestic law enforcement authorities i.e., to your local police or to the national public body responsible for investigating financial frauds and scams. (e.g. for France, please contact Online diagnosis - Victims of cybercrime). 
  • If you have already exchanged correspondence with the fraudsters, we encourage you to cease all interactions and report your case to your domestic law enforcement authorities immediately.
  • CEVA’s official website is and the official investor webpage is
  • CEVA’s Investor Relations Contact e-mail address is
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