Fostering Inclusion: CEVA Logistics' Inclusive Culture in Malaysia

Explore Sathya's empowering journey and our commitment to diversity. Join us in shaping an impactful workforce.

At CEVA Logistics, our dedication to diversity and inclusion is more than just a statement; it's a fundamental part of how we operate and work together every day. About 386 million of the global working-age population have a disability. The International Labor Organization reports that in some countries, the unemployment rate for people with disabilities can be as high as 80 per cent. At CEVA we’re pleased to employ people with disabilities at our sites around the world.

We are proud to share the inspiring journey of Sathya Vani A/P Mari Naidu, who has discovered a supportive and empowering community within CEVA, supported by her team leader Pandiarajan Veerappan and Contract Manager Alvin Yoon Pin Yong. Despite unique challenges, their stories reflect the strength of our inclusive culture. 

Sathya's Empowering Journey

For three years, Sathya has been a key contributor in the Contract Logistics Value Added Service (VAS) department, handling tasks like stickering and shrink-wrapping for our customers. Despite communication challenges resulting from her hearing impairment, Sathya finds fulfillment and joy in her work at CEVA. A significant factor contributing to her positive experience is the camaraderie among her team members – a diverse group of eight individuals, each with different disabilities, fostering a unique and inclusive work environment.

Taking the initiative

Sathya's positive experience is backed by CEVA's proactive efforts. Supervisors and managers have ensured effective communication, embracing basic sign language, whiteboards, and text messaging. CEVA's commitment extends to on-the-job training, enabling Sathya to excel in her tasks.

To delve deeper into CEVA's commitment to inclusion, we spoke with Pandiarajan Veerappan (Pandia), Team Leader, and Alvin Yoon Pin Yong (Alvin), Contract Manager.

Sathya Vani A/P Mari Naidu - Warehouse Associate

Pandia's Perspective:

Reflecting on his experience working alongside colleagues with disabilities, Pandia acknowledges there have been some communication challenges but underscores the positive learning journey it has offered. He took the initiative to learn sign language, which both demonstrates his personal commitment to effective communication and has helped foster a genuinely inclusive environment.

Pandia highlights the successful integration of individuals with disabilities into the team, despite some limitations in communication. Inspired by CEVA's core values, Pandia encourages others to embrace leadership and boldness, promoting a workplace where everyone feels included and valued.

Pandiarajan Veerappan - Team Leader

Alvin's Insights:

From Alvin’s point of view, the whole team with their range of abilities, demonstrates focus, dedication, and seamlessly integrates into specific work processes. Alvin's proactive approach is evident in his starting a sign language extension training program for supervisors and leaders, which helps improve communication. He applauds CEVA's active recruitment efforts and is pleased to currently have eight employees with disabilities. In fact, he is committed to hiring more. 

His advocacy aligns with CEVA's values, emphasizing the importance of treating everyone equally and recognizing the significant impact even small changes can make in creating a more inclusive world. Alvin sees inclusion as a core element in CEVA's operations, fostering equality and contributing to the company's overall growth.

Sathya blog - Sathya and Alvin


Fostering Inclusivity Beyond Words

Supporting individuals with disabilities is at the heart of CEVA’s values. Actively fostering an inclusive environment not only empowers employees like Sathya but also benefits the company as a whole. Inclusion promotes diversity, boosts morale, and ensures that every individual, regardless of abilities, is recognized for playing an equally vital role in the workforce.

Let's all be difference-makers! A workplace where everyone is supported and valued is a happier, higher achieving workplace. We want to embrace inclusion and understand that each individual contributes uniquely to our global logistics community. Together, we can shape a diverse and impactful workforce.


Explore how CEVA Logistics is making a difference in fostering diversity and inclusion. Visit our dedicated landing page to learn more about our commitment to creating an inclusive global logistics community