Revolutionizing Packaging Ecosystems: IOT Tracking Devices Meets Sustainable Shipping Boxes

CEVA Logistics' IoT-enabled reusable shipping boxes redefine packaging ecosystems through sustainable, innovative and data-driven technologies.

In today's era of sustainability and logistics transparency, businesses are seeking innovative solutions to reduce waste, optimize supply chains and gain real-time visibility into their operations. CEVA is at the forefront of innovative and sustainable logistics—offering customers the ability to leverage reusable shipping boxes fitted with IOT tracking devices. This powerful combination not only promotes environmental responsibility but also unlocks a wealth of data-driven insights, revolutionizing packaging ecosystems and supply chain management.

Tracking Reusable Shipping Boxes

As demand for sustainable logistics practices continues to soar, businesses are under increasing pressure to adopt sustainable packaging solutions. CEVA’s reusable packaging system offers customers the ability to lease reusable boxes that are made of recycled materials  and are fully recyclable. Our service center near Paris manages the deployment and maintenance of these boxes, offering customers a variety of options for their unique business needs.

While reusable shipping boxes present numerous benefits, one of the challenges businesses face is the potential loss or misplacement of these valuable assets. To address this issue, CEVA Logistics has implemented an innovative solution by integrating IoT tracking devices into more than 20,000 of its reusable shipping boxes.
These cutting-edge tracking devices are seamlessly integrated into the bottom of the boxes during the assembly process at CEVA's service centers. Each box is equipped with four RFID tags, which are paired with IoT devices, enabling real-time tracking and monitoring capabilities. Customers can lease these boxes, gaining access to a comprehensive packaging ecosystem that enhances supply chain visibility and efficiency.



Unlocking Supply Chain Insights

The integration of IoT tracking devices with reusable shipping boxes unlocks a wealth of data-driven insights for CEVA Logistics' customers. The sheer volume of CEVA’s 20,000+ shipping boxes equipped with tracking devices leads way to a wealth of reliable, robust data intelligence. Through a user-friendly portal, businesses can monitor the movement and activity of their boxes with unprecedented accuracy, enabling them to: 

  • Identify the exact location of boxes in real-time
  • Locate missing or stolen boxes promptly
  • Detect and address hidden supply chain flows
  • Monitor and respond to unordinary or unexpected movements
  • Analyze transit times between locations
  • Receive alerts when boxes enter unauthorized areas

Customers can create customized alerts and geofences, ensuring they are notified promptly when boxes deviate from predetermined routes or remain stationary for extended periods. This proactive approach empowers businesses to take immediate corrective actions, minimizing supply chain disruptions and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

IoT tracking
In a recent customer case study, CEVA’s reusable packaging system yielded a 60% CO2 savings compared to single-use cardboard


Leveraging Data Analytics for Continuous Improvement

One of the most significant advantages of CEVA Logistics' IoT-enabled reusable shipping boxes is the vast amount of data generated by the trackers. With a substantial volume of boxes equipped with tracking devices, customers gain access to comprehensive data analytics, enabling them to gain valuable insights into the movement of their shipments and optimize their supply chain operations.

Customers can create custom dashboards, tailored to their specific needs, allowing them to visualize and analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) related to their shipments’ movements. These insights empower businesses to identify bottlenecks, streamline routes and make data-driven decisions to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.


Embracing a Sustainable Future 

As businesses strive to align their operations with sustainable practices, the integration of IoT tracking devices with reusable shipping boxes represents a game-changing innovation. CEVA Logistics recognizes the importance of sustainable packaging and the benefit that it brings businesses. These durable boxes minimize waste, better protect goods and are more efficiently packed for transport—resulting in reduced transportation costs.

Thanks to the IOT tracking devices, businesses can not only reduce their environmental footprint but also gain unprecedented visibility into their supply chains, unlocking valuable data-driven insights to drive continuous improvement and operational excellence.

In an era where sustainability and supply chain transparency are paramount, CEVA Logistics' IoT-enabled reusable shipping boxes redefine packaging ecosystems, empowering businesses to revolutionize their logistics operations while embracing a more sustainable future.